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What is SEO YouTube? Latest SEO Tips How to rank YouTube video in 2019 (YOUTUBE SEO TIPS)

What is SEO YouTube?  SEO Tips How to rank youtube Video in 2019 (YOUTUBE SEO TIPS)

What is SEO YouTube? Latest SEO Tips How to rank YouTube video in 2019 (YOUTUBE SEO TIPS)

Youtube is a video sharing platform that helps users in watching, sharing, liking or commenting on the video they want to. The videos on this platform can be accessed through various devices such mobile, PC’s, laptops and tablets.

Youtube is not just for watching videos any individual can upload their videos or videos of anything they feel like uploading although the video should be under Youtube’s guidelines.

In an survey done on Youtube it was found that almost 300 hours of footage is uploaded per minute on youtube which makes it really difficult to keep track of everything. Youtube for this specific reason has also given an option to flag things that feels inappropriate to the viewer’s.  The flagged content will be sent to the review team for the review if it is found to violate any policy of Youtube guidelines then it will be removed from the platform.

Even before optimizing video for the best SEO which is “Search engine optimization” one should follow the best guidelines for the video which automatically optimize the video as per the rules and regulation of the platform.

So yes Youtube also has its certain set of guidelines for those who wish to publish video on it’s platform.

Also to know more about the policies you can always visit Youtube Policies.


After having the proper set of knowledge about what all should be guidelines under which video has to be made you can upload the video. Now the main works start from here. The basic SEO part for youtube begins when the video is to be uploaded.


How do make YouTube video searchable?

The first and the most basic step is obvious to use the keywords in all the fields you think you should add, such as Video title, description, file name and also In the video.  The video description can be long enough to make sure that it is keyword rich, but also in relevance to the video and should properly describes the details of the video if any one reads it. Now with all this done one should always keep in mind to make the most prominent thumbnail in relation to the video.

The second most SEO relevant thing to make sure in the video is to have maximum engagement signals. What are engagement signal? Engagement signals are the only things in the video or the moments in the video you can say that makes the user engage more with the video in some or the other way.




There are many metrics over these, all are dependent on the content and the way you are adding the video. This means if you are not adding the video with the right context the video might not rank in the best possible way.



In order to have the best keywords for your video, you can directly have it from the one who is going to display your video in searches i.e YouTube itself. The best keywords are usually the long-tail phrases that will show up in both YouTube and Google. This will help you in choosing the right keyword that will rank your video in both the places and will also help in getting more traffic.



Even if you don’t have enough knowledge on this part you don’t have to worry because there are many tools that are there to help you in this scenario.

The keywords are those that help your video get listed in the relevant searches that you want your video to appear, thus the more relevant and high ranking keywords you use, the more you are likely to come onto the searches.

Similarly these tags help you in increase the numbers for your youtube channels not just this they even help you enrich your knowledge.

One of them which is “Mozbar Chrome Extention”, this a Google chrome extension that you can install in your system and then all you have to do is to just Google your keyword while searching YouTube like in the image shown below. If the searched keywords results show that the PA (Page Authority) is higher, than the competition on the keyword is likely to be more.

The more the broader the keyword the higher is the competition thus I would suggest you to have a video which is more specific to the keyword. In that way you will also have a better video and much better content to talk about.



Not just this there are two more tools which I feel are best named below. You can check those too and see which one is more suitable to you.


i. vidIQ Chrome Extension

Now the vidiQ tool has a lot to offer not just limited to Youtube it will also help you design your content and make everything under the Youtube guidelines. VidiQ keeps check on the most important aspects of youtube marketing such as keywords, video length, video content and relevancy. It also suggests you the best keywords possible in accordance to the video content.

Although there are certain set of guidelines of VidiQ itself which you see here (

ii. Tube buddy Chrome Extension


Tubebuddy is also a chrome extention that offers wide range of services which are as mentioned below. You can see for yourself which one is the best for you to use initially. The process of their services is quite simplified over here as compared to the one in VidiQ.  

Additionally lot many tools in each of these sections designed for spate uses, as you will see below for one of these tabs.


Now although there are a lot many services and a lot many tools to work upon you can have benefit of them by optimizing your video in as many ways as you want. You can visit their website for an in-depth knowledge.



There are many things which you need to keep in mind while you are making the video or editing it. Below are few things you can keep in your mind that can make your video better in both content wise and ranking wise.

  • Say your keywords- Always recite your keyword a few times in the video which you are making. Don’t just say it for the sake of video makes it say it in a way it feels natural and make people remember that.
  • Everything long is not good- This means that not every video should lengthy because it gets boring if your video is long and you don’t have many things to talk about. If the video is informative and then it is getting lengthy in that case it is fine to have those longer videos otherwise I guess an Ideal video should have length of up to 7-8 minutes top max. This much time is enough to make the viewer understand anything you are talk about.
  • HD video quality- The quality of the video should high definition because that will help the viewer, also it will make your video more viewable and better. Using an HD camera or a DSLR is suggested but you can get that done with your phone too.
  • Be specific- To the point video, with more crisp content in an entertaining form, is always better to make sure that the user is engaged till the end.



Before uploading the video make sure that the video is having the keyword in the file because even the file name is somewhere responsible for the SEO ranking in YouTube.



Always have a description of the keyword which is rich in keywords such as shown below; this will enable the user to understand by just reading the description that what the video is all about.



Keep following the above mentioned ways and your video will start ranking eventually.


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