You must know Importance of sports – Seven Reasons you must know

You must know Importance of sports - Seven Reasons you must know

You must know Importance of sports – Seven Reasons you must know

What was the one thing your parents pushed you to do when you were little kids? What was the one thing they told was necessary to secure a brighter future? What was the one thing they told would help you achieve wonders in life?
Studies, right?

One thing which keeps on echoing my ears is “खेलोगे कूदोगे होगे खराब; पढ़ोगे लिखोगे बनोगे नवाब”

Every little kid in India grows up accepting the fact that education is the key to a successful and fruitful life. Parents constantly push their children to study with utmost dedication. Everyone wants to score well resulting in increased amount of healthy competition. Children have made studies there top priority leaving everything in their life to secondary mode.

Although, the motivation to study is extremely important, the current generation is getting too inclined towards studies, neglecting other important lessons of life- Lessons that teach them to become better humans beings, lessons that help them grow as balanced individuals. If you analyse closely, you will realise that playing sports in addition to providing you the required daily fitness also helps you with these most important lessons of life.

But how often do we get the free time to master the sport of our choice? We are too busy running after achieving our goals that taking out time for physical health and activities seems like a waste of time. While looking back in my life, I realised that in the race to become an engineer, the last time I went out to play a sport properly and regularly would be in my 7th- 8th standard i.e. approx. 8 years back. Although, I was always a sports girl, but still finding time to play a sport seemed like a tough job back them. Eventually it got neglected. This might be the case with many people out there.

I for sure believe physical exercises or sports should always be included in our daily lifestyle. Why?

Seven Reasons to say “YES” to sports in our life:

1. Physical and Mental Strength: Physically, your body gains strength and proper health. However this is not just a medium to improve physical strength but also mental strength. You grow mentally and physically. Remember “Healthy body has a healthy mind”.

2. Discipline and Focus: You learn to become better disciplined and focused individual if you follow a particular sport regularly.

3. Learn to overcome Challenges: It’s always said that “Life is hard”. When you play you learn to face challenges, you learn to survive hard competition in your life which later on ensures that you emerge as an overall winner.

4. Accepting Defeat Happily: Winning and Losing are two sides of a same coin. Defeat should not seem to be a strange concept to you. You should learn to accept failures and defeat teaches you to emerge as better humans.

5. Developing a Strategic Mind: Strategizing your moves beforehand becomes a habit of yours.

6. Team spirit: You learn to work together in a team and take things together to next level.

7. Communication Skills: Firstly you enhance your communication between you mind and body if you are deeply indulged in sports. Secondly you enhance communications with people around you which is one of the most important life skills.

All these habits just provide an added advantage to your personality as you face the world.But then the question arises, how do we find the time to master any sport when we are busy accomplishing life goals?

Sports Education

We need to introduce the concept of sports education starting from school level or even from kinder garden. Every child enjoys playing as a natural trait; children should be allowed to pick up the sport that interests them without any parental or any other outside pressure. Children should be provided with proper education for the respective sports. Parents should push their children to excel at the sports which will for sure result in them becoming better humans. We need to understand that Indian education is just not about studies, but also about developing a kid’s personality. And that can be done via sports education. This will result in reduced pressure on children. Playing sports does relax your mind and gets you a positive attitude. A stress free life of our kids by developing this capability to manage stress through sports and where children love what they do will be a dream come true. This will result in a healthy attitude of students towards studies and sports. Children will learn to balance both their physical and mental life.

The concept of sports education will surely help transform students into all-rounders. Education should not only be about studies but about sports as well. So dear friends study hard, play fair and enjoy the game of life.

So, I can surely vouch that you have realised the benefit of sports in your life and you wish to include it in your lifestyle.
The writer of this article is an Engineer student from DTU, Delhi who has been a Table Tennis player of state level.

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You must know Importance of sports / Why Sports important ? what is sports ? You must know Importance of sports / Why Sports important ? what is sports ? You must know Importance of sports / Why Sports important ? what is sports ? You must know Importance of sports / Why Sports important ? what is sports ? You must know Importance of sports / Why Sports important ? what is sports ?You must know Importance of sports / Why Sports important ? what is sports ?

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