How To Write An Essay In Competitive Exams Important Tips

How To Write An Essay In Competitive Exams Important Tips

How To Write An Essay In Competitive Exams Important Tips

RRB online Coaching : As most competitive exams test the writing skills of the students so they conduct the descriptive test in which aspirants are asked to write essays, precise, letters. So, today in this blog we will be discussing how you can write a good essay by following the below-mentioned tips.

An essay can be divided into three parts:

1) Introduction

2) Body

3) Conclusion


Bank exam Preparation
Bank Exam Preparation


It is very important to stick to the motive of the Essay and you need to consider all the important aspects. Students, Please make a note that an Essay is not an opinion but a description of what you know about the topic. And to write an essay you need to have the viewpoint of having both negative and positive. Now let us have an idea for how to approach for writing an essay.


Step 1: Identify the Topic

The most it is very important for you all to understand what is asked. Without proper understanding, you may get diverted from the topic unintentionally. So, to start it in a better way, you need to ask questions to yourself like “Why, What and How”. And whatever response you can think of, just write it down on the rough sheet. Once everything gets covered, you need to put all the bits and pieces into its place.


Step 2: Choose Keywords

You need to choose keywords quite wisely. You will get the hint of the keywords from the question itself. The keywords should emphasize on the particular topic and build a better understanding.


Step 3: Introduction

Now comes the most important part of the Essay. The “Introduction” is the part which will leave an impact on the reader. This doesn’t mean that you start writing catchy phrases or anything else. You just need to make sure that you don’t make a spelling mistake and any grammatical mistake in the sentences.


You have to keep watch of the present, past and future tenses while writing the essay. As the word itself suggests ‘introduction’ means ‘to introduce’ or ‘to make aware of something’. It means you need to introduce the given topic to the reader i.e. what does the topic mean.

After introducing the subject to the reader you need to frame the body of the essay.


Step 4: Body 

Body of an essay contains the aspects of the topic. You need to explain the factual concept that why did the event take place or what actually happened. Furthermore, you need to provide the positive aspects of the topic provided.

After explaining the positive aspects you can explain the negative aspects of the topic if any. 

Again, it’s not about your opinion. Indeed it is a factual description of the topic.

Step 5: Conclusion

You need to be very careful while writing the conclusion. You do not need to tilt towards any political, religious or any other side. You need to provide a conclusion that what can be done for furthermore advancement/correction etc and what may be the consequences regarding the topic. Always end your essay on a positive note.

Moreover, try to use simple words and simple sentences and avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Some Important Topics for Essay Practice :

  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY)
  • Women Empowerment
  • Global Warming
  • Dowry System
  • Privatization of Public Sector
  • Non-Performing Assets (NPA)
  • Women Safety
  • Clean India Campaign
  • FDI
  • Non- Banking Finance Companies (NBFC)
  • Small Banks and Payment Banks
  • India: An Emerging Market
  • Role of technology in banking
  • Population Explosion
  • Banking in India
  • Agriculture: The Backbone of the Indian economy
  • India’s relations with her neighbors
  • Terrorism
  • Role of the media
  • Knowledge is power


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How To Write An Essay In Competitive Exams Important Tips How To Write An Essay In Competitive Exams Important Tips How To Write An Essay In Competitive Exams Important Tips How To Write An Essay In Competitive Exams Important TipsHow To Write An Essay In Competitive Exams Important Tips

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