World NGO Day 2021: What is History, Significance and Background?

World NGO Day 2021: What is History, Significance and Background
World NGO Day

World NGO Day 2021: History, Significance, and Key Facts

Here we will know about What is History, Significance, and Celebration of World NGO Day 2021?

What is NGO?

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) — often referred to as Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) or the Third Sector — are facing highly complex challenges in today’s society. There is a lack of understanding within society around the world of the important role played by NGOs in sectors such as education, culture, science, or development, the importance of their contributions to society, and how fulfilling it to be part of an NGO.


What is World NGO Day?

World NGO Day is supposed to be a celebration of bringing together around the world’s NGOs to create a better future for everyone. It will be a dedicated day for all NGOs to honor and celebrate their accomplishments, ensuring that small grassroots organizations obtain the respect they deserve.

The establishment of an official date for World NGO Day would be:

i. An opportunity for education, enabling individuals worldwide to understand more clearly what NGOs are doing for society locally, nationally, and internationally.

ii. An opportunity for individuals to learn more about the people behind NGOs.

iii. An international symbol that displays the efforts and achievements of all NGOs from all sectors.

iv. An opportunity to inspire people to consider a career within the third sector.

v. A platform for NGOs around the globe to share knowledge and experiences with one another.

vi. An opportunity for NGOs to discuss the issues that affect their work and form partnerships to work to resolve these.

For the purpose of this day, the term NGO will be used to include all Non -Profit Organizations (NPOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and other types of organizations within the third sector. The Initiative focuses on non-governmental organizations that endorse the UN and other international human rights standards, and do not cultivate or facilitate illegal activities.


When is World NGO Day observed?

World NGO Day is observed globally on 27 February. The day aims to raise awareness about the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) sector. The day is observed every year for encouraging people worldwide who are involved and dedicatedly working for a good cause. The day highlights the achievements and success of NGOs from all sectors across the globe. The day also makes people understand the role of NGOs in society.

How to celebrate NGO Day?

5 tips to celebrate World NGO Day:

i. #WorldNGODay – Spread the word.

ii. Cooperating with local schools/universities to run a simulated World NGO Day event for students and pupils to learn about issues at NGOs or opportunities, from local charities to international movements.

iii. Organizing activities to raise awareness, like sharing messages with the community via TV, Radio, online, local newspapers or newsletters.

iv. Hosting celebratory events for raising funds and awareness.

v. Organizing an NGO “Exchange” event to swap goods and ideas with others. Showcasing the achievements of NGOs through events or awards.


History of NGO Day

The World NGO Day initiative is being operated by the Secretariat of the World NGO Day Initiative based in London, United Kingdom.

The World NGO Day Initiative launched in 2009 in London, United Kingdom. The initiative was set up by Mr. Marcis Liors Skadmanis, who first conceived of the concept during his Masters in International Law and NGO legislation and has led this international initiative for the last 3 years. Having founded a variety of NGOs, including the Latvian British Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Skadmanis has some understanding of the issues facing NGOs face on a daily basis, locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Secretariat of the World NGO Day Initiative has been incorporated to protect the World NGO Day Initiative’s Intellectual Property from abuse by unauthorized organizations and other parties until it is formally recognized by the UN General as an international calendar day.


Significance of World NGO Day

World NGO Day plans to move individuals to become all the more actively included within NGOs and support a more prominent symbiosis between NGOs and both the public and private sectors. The basic idea of World NGO Day is to celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate the different NGOs around the world, and the individuals supporting them.

World NGO Day is a day for NGOs around the world to share information and encounters with each other. It expects to instruct people worldwide on NGOs and their effects. World NGO day gives a chance to honor and recollect NGO founders, representatives, volunteers, individuals, and supporters.

It is an opportunity for education, empowering people worldwide to see all the more plainly what NGOs are accomplishing for society, on a local, national and international level. World NGO day likewise serves as a chance to talk about the issues that influence their work and form partnerships that can resolve a common issue.

World NGO Day has a significant role and is refreshing the world over. It likewise gives a chance to respect and recall NGO founders, workers, volunteers, individuals, and supporters. There are numerous manners by which you can likewise take an interest right now, the main one is to get involved with community work, started by NGOs in your city.

Every year, World NGO Day is praised from New Zealand and Australia, toward the North and South Americas, uniting supporters from the NGO sector, international and government leaders, multi and bilateral associations, private sectors, communities, teachers, students and specialists in the field.

World NGO Day has marked over 6 continents and 96 nations from 2010 to 2019.


Background of World NGO Day

It was during the global and Eurozone financial crisis when Marcis Liors Skadmanis was just 24, that his determination to improve the lives of the world’s citizens and his passion for finding new solutions to global development problems led him to initiate/establish World NGO Day.

World NGO Day was officially recognized by the IX Baltic Sea NGO Forum of the Council of the Baltic Sea States which Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Norway, and Sweden.

Awareness of the World NGO Day was increased through a Roundtable at the House of Commons, UK Parliament, and a Leadership Meeting at the UK House of Lords. Finland also gets involved.

The Kingdom of Bahrain supports the effort.

On February 27, international leaders celebrated and marked the first World NGO Day in 38 countries, the first time in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and South Africa.

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