World Nature Conservation Day : Environmental Protection

World Nature Conservation Day : Environmental Protection


World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated annually on 28 July to raise awareness about the conservation of natural resources and to make people aware of the importance of nature conservation. World Nature Conservation Day recognizes that a healthy environment is the foundation of a sustainable and productive society. With deforestation and illegal wildlife trade on the rise, nature conservation has topped the list of priorities in many countries. Increased urbanization in India has led to loss of wildlife habitat, deforestation and pollution. The government recognized this as a problem and took the initiative to change it.

It is necessary to create a healthy environment to protect the present and coming generations. There are many threats to nature such as deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, pollution, plastics and chemicals. The land provides basic necessities for water, air, soil, minerals, trees, animals, food, etc. So we have to keep nature clean and healthy. Industrial development and many other factors contribute to the degradation of nature. Everything we do affect the world, because the world is one and somehow interconnected.

The history and origin of World Nature Day is unknown, but the main purpose of celebrating it on 28 July is to simultaneously support nature and not use it. Nature conservation is the prudent management and use of nature conservation. We know that due to natural imbalances, we face many problems such as global warming, various diseases, natural disasters and rising temperatures. Therefore, it needs to be preserved for the next generation. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness among people around the world to understand the importance of conservation, reuse and conservation of resources and the consequences of destroying them.



Every activity in the world depends on nature, so people need to understand that every activity they do affects the earth. Nature conservation is very important for all humans and their lives on Earth. Land is essential for water, air, trees, animals, food, soil and minerals. Many factors pose a threat to nature, including deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, and pollution, the use of plastics, chemicals, and industrial development. Therefore, it is important to protect nature and create a healthy environment for present and future generations.

On this World Nature Conservation Day, spread the word with friends and family about the importance of nature conservation. Some other ways to celebrate the day

  • Participate in programs and seminars organized by various organizations on this day
  • Try to avoid using plastic material
  • Use reusable, reusable and reusable products in daily life
  • Plant more trees
  • Create a group and educate the people of a region and take some conservation action
  • Use #WorldNatureConservationDay on social media and share nature conservation day



  • 27,000 trees are cut down every day for toilet paper
  • If the paper used in the New York Times alone was recycled daily, we would save 75,000 trees
  • A modern glass bottle takes more than 4000 years to decompose
  • 50,000 species are endangered in tropical forests. This is an average of 137 items a day
  • Removal of plastic bags and plastic items destroys approximately 1 million marine life
  • Rainforests are being cleared on 100 acres per minute
  • Landfill contains 35% of packaging materials
  • Wildlife habitats around the world are being destroyed at the rate of 5,760 acres per day or 240 acres per hour
  • In the United States, poachers release more than 4,000 tons of moisture into the atmosphere each year. 20 million animals were poisoned and killed.



It is not necessary that only the government and big companies protect the environment. Everyone can participate and conserve nature, which is a beautiful gift for us. We have many ways to protect the environment:

  1. Recycling: Try to buy as many recyclable and biodegradable products as possible. Recycle everything if possible.
  2. There is a need to reduce water consumption.
  3. Reduce power consumption. When you finish your work with an electrical appliance, turn it off. This will save you energy and money.
  4. Plant trees and make the planet green.
  5. Grow vegetables. Commercially available vegetables are grown using chemicals and pesticides. Therefore, it is better to grow vegetables and eat organic food.
  6. It is better to make compost to avoid waste.
  7. Since we know that batteries are hazardous to the environment, it is better to use rechargeable batteries.
  8. Do not smoke. Smoking is harmful to health, and sometimes people do not throw cigarettes into the trash after smoking, but clean them directly on the floor.
  9. Global warming maintains the car to reduce pollution.
  10. Educate people about the use of nature, environment and energy conservation.

There are three essential words about environmental protection: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse.

Nature conservation is essential, and even scientists have warned of imminent extinction. Many documentaries about nature show that resources have been wasted. As global warming temperatures increase day by day, storms and sea levels rise, and the melting of freshwater glaciers is life-threatening. We are connected to natural resources. The natural world faces a growing threat from sustainable activities, and the challenge is how to protect and conserve nature to achieve sustainable development.

Together we can contribute to the conservation of nature at the local, national and global levels. This will benefit not only our present generation but also the generations to come.


World Nature Conservation Day – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What is nature conservation?

Ans: Conservation is the protection, conservation, control or restoration of habitat, natural resources, habitat and water. This can be achieved through biodiversity conservation and conservation of many species and habitats that are susceptible to human activity.


Ques 2: What is the importance of conservation?

Ans: Wildlife conservation and biodiversity support are the main reasons for conservation. It is important to protect nature and create a healthy environment for present and future generations.


Ques 3: How to conserve natural resources?

Ans: Reuse, reuse and re-installation are the key to protection and by reducing excessive consumption of water and electricity, planting more trees, making proper use of fuel resources, passing a law, and using sources such as alternative sources of energy.


Ques 4: What are the different types of Nature Conservation?

Ans: Types of conservation include environmental protection, wildlife conservation, and marine conservation.


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