World Mothers Day 2020
World Mothers Day

World Mother’s Day 2020 – May 10

Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood and the contribution of mothers to society. The holiday is celebrated worldwide as International Day. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. People often mark Mother’s Day gifts and cards from their mother’s account.

It is a special day to recognize and appreciate the role of mothers in our lives. Often these days have been extended to the statistics of mothers – grandmothers, grandmothers, and stepmothers of generations.

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. Although Mother’s Day is a widely celebrated national holiday in the US, it is not a federal or public holiday (when a business stops).


Mother’s Day is the birth of two women, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis, who are believed to have founded Mother’s Day in the USA. In 1870, Julia advocated celebrating Mother’s Day to promote peace and disarmament among women. Julia’s vacation to Boston was a must for the next ten years. However, the trend soon died. So Julia is adamant on the idea of ​​officially celebrating Mother’s Day.

Anna Jarvis, also known as Mother’s Day, organized a private Mother’s Day in 1907 as a memorial to her late mother. Anna launched a campaign to gain widespread acceptance for Mother’s Day, an investigation financially supported by John Fore maker, a textile merchant in Philadelphia.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis gave a talk at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. More than 400 children and their mothers attended the service. Today, the mosque is a national historical site and has become an International Mother’s Day shrine.

In the years that followed, Anna was sympathetic to motherhood, when she campaigned for the recognition of Mother’s Day, the National Day in America.

On May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson, after signing the joint resolution, decided to celebrate Mother’s Day USA on the second Sunday of May.

Mom’s Day started in the 1900s. In 1905, Ana Jarvis, a holiday mother honoring her mother, began a holiday campaign, the year her mother died. A public memorial to Jeris’s mother was held in 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia.

Over the next few years, Jarvis’ holiday provided official recognition, which was celebrated in more and more states around the US. Finally, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day a “holiday of goodwill”, Second Sunday of May.

Anna Jarvis included the Mother’s Day calendar as a day dedicated to showing love and gratitude to mothers, acknowledging the sacrifices made by women for their children. This is why he chose to keep “mother” as a thing, as marked by apostasy before “s”. Despite the widespread celebration of motherhood, each family must celebrate its mother so that women across the country can experience love.

Even after Anna Jarvis succeeded in turning Mother’s Day into a national holiday, she is not satisfied with the way the holiday is celebrated. She collaborated with the florist during lobbying to approve the holiday, recommending a white carnation as a symbolic flower for Mother’s Day.

The commercialization of Mother’s Day, according to Jarvis, was a complete failure on holiday about celebrating the personal relationship between a mother and her children.

Since 1920, Jarvis has struggled hard to prevent businesses from making profits with Mother’s Day cards, candy, flowers, and other gifts. Although she struggled to be recognized as the only “mother of a mother” to struggle, she wanted the holidays removed from the national holiday calendar and spent her own money on litigation against non-profits, Mom’s Day is simply named.


Mother’s Day was heavily commercialized in the United States. In fact, this is the third time after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. People try to treat their mothers and send sweet messages to Mother’s Day flowers. Some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts you can give your mom an estimate of a day at the spa, cards, chocolates, jewelry, and clothing.

You can take your mom out for dinner or lunch, but be sure to book the place in advance. Most restaurants are usually filled for Mother’s Weekend, as children do not want their mother to cook on such a special day. No wonder if you snack in bed these days. A common tendency is for husbands and children to treat their particular mother.

If you can’t give your mother a good day, then a simple phone call to wish them Happy Mom’s Day. Even better, offer them to clean or decorate the house.

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Mother’s Day Traditions across the World

In addition to marking different days, versions of the Mother’s Day tradition vary from one country to another. In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in August, which is the birthday of the current queen, Sirikit.

For Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is a great feast, and families sing songs to praise motherhood. These days are commonly known as Antrosht.

In the US and many other countries, Mother’s Day is seen as a time to begin feminist causes. For example, in 1968, Martin Luther King Mr.’s wife organized a march to support marginalized women and children in the community. A similar movement was used in the 1970s to highlight the need for equality for all and access to child care.


10 ways to celebrate Mom’s Day

In 2020, with COVID-19, many of us are rethinking how to give mothers an extra boost – some of them in a high-risk age group. Let’s be frank:

Most of us want to connect with our children and spend more and more time with our family, either in person or by making phone calls or videotape.

If your mother is at home, give her a day off from any family work, especially during this difficult time. Anyone else can take full responsibility for cooking, serving, and cleaning utensils. Volunteer for Mom’s Day!

1. Offer yard and garden services.

If you are local, give your mother a “gift certificate” using your family’s yard and garden services. Help him lie down. Put the “certificate” in a flower pot with spring-plant bulbs.

If you are not a local, how about a one-year membership of the old Kisan Almanac garden planner? Any gardener will love it! This is a quick gift without shipping!

2. Decorate your mother’s door or front porch!

If you are local, you can decorate your mom’s ice door with streamers, special signs, wreaths, and flowers! If you have children, include them! He will be surprised.

Of course, flowers and plants are always a delight. If you are local, take it to the porch. If you are not local, there is always delivery.

A rose plant or geranium plant is always welcome.

Otherwise, a dogwood or bouquet would be appreciated for its garden.

3. Cook for mother or set a virtual dinner date.

If your mother lives with you, then how about breakfast in bed!

A simple with a cup of coffee or tea is best. Or, turn it into an egg dish. If she is not a fan of eating in bed, then enjoy with your family.

Make a Cake! Traditionally, children in England always cut the cake for their Mother’s Day. If you like this tradition, here is the delicious (better than the box) cake recipe: Chocolate Mousse Cake. We love Nana’s fun cake.

Leave a casserole meal for your mother. This is the best comfort food and you can put it together to get it off your porch! See 15 ideas of the casserole recipe. You can cook the same food together.

4. Give your mom an extra-long phone call or put her on a virtual talent show!

Talk to him and make him laugh. Maybe put on some good “mommy jokes”. Most moms need time with you.

If you are a tech lover, you can all see each other by scheduling a free zoom video chat! Maybe enjoy a glass of wine or a Mother’s Day toast together.

If the younger ones are included, put on a talent show for grandparents! It can be simple!

5. Watching or watching a film together for years.

If you’re all in one place, finish a movie tonight with a theater treat. If you are in specific places, watch the same movie on your computer at the same time. Or, start the Gilmore Girls Marathon by drinking a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

6. Get creative: Make Mom a video or music playlist or an artwork!

Record a video from all your children. Everyone can say “Happy Mother’s Day” and why they congratulate her.

Or, create a tape or music playlist. At bedtime, you can collect cool songs like the sound of the sea. Or, you can choose his favorite songs from the time he loves her most. How about a special artwork for mom? For example, paint a terracotta flower pot and fill it with garden seeds. Or, create a beautiful photo frame inside your family photo.

7. Walk in the park with your family

There is so much room to stretch and enjoy nature! Spring is a wonderful time to visit the park. Or, if your mother is at home, how to pack a simple picnic? Here are the best picnic food ideas. Pack a picnic basket and bring a blanket – or pack a cooler for a pleasant drive through the countryside.

8. Make a Gift at Home

You do not have to go to a store and buy a gift. Mothers receive gifts from the heart. Here are some fun crafting projects, including kitchen gifts and DIY beauty and bath products for home spas.

9. Take a virtual tour of a museum together!

Even if you are not together, miracles of technology make it possible today! More and more museums are opening their “walls” at the moment.

10. Make your own card.

Do not forget to send a card in advance! In our house, it is a tradition to make homemade cards every year. Here’s how to make a notecard at home.

Wondering what to write on the card? How about sharing an interesting story or a happy memory about you and your mother? This will make her smile.

Together, we honor the women who raised us. Every day we sacrifice ourselves and nurture our families and large communities.




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