WORLD DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOR – JUNE 12 – International Labour Organization

WORLD DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOR – JUNE 12 – International Labour Organization

WORLD DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOR – JUNE 12 – International Labour Organization

The World Day against Child Labor is held on June 12 every year. It is an International Day for Awareness and Immediate Action to Prevent Child Labor in all its Forms. The day is also known as the Anti Child Labor Day.
It was introduced in 2002 by the International Labour Organization. Since then, the day has focused on the spread of child labor around the world and the measures and efforts needed to eliminate it.
Anti-Child Labor Day or World Day against Child Labor provides children with a decent life and an environment to fight child labor.

Poverty is one of the main causes of child labor, forcing children to drop out of school and minors choose jobs to help parents with their livelihood. Some are forced into child labor by organized crime rackets.
This day focuses not only on the right environment for the development of children, but also on the support of governments, civil society, schools, youth, women’s groups and the media to participate in the campaign against child labor and provides opportunities.



The International Labour Organization denies child labor “harmful to their childhood, skills and dignity and their physical and mental development”.
Child labor is not all work that children do. Child labor is not the work that contributes to the child’s positive development and gives him the skills and experience to be productive members of society.
According to the International Labour Organization, labor refers to work:

  • Mental, physical, social, moral, dangerous and harmful to children; And
  • Their schooling involves:
  • Denied them the opportunity to attend school;
  • Forcing them to leave school prematurely; Or
  • They need to make an effort to combine school attendance with work that is longer and longer than needed

According to the International Labour Organization, child labor is detrimental to the physical and mental health of their children and their ability and dignity. Such education deprives children of their educational rights and respect. The ILO states that child labor is a form of physical, mental and social harm to children. In fact, any type of work that prevents children from going to school is child labor. It is divided into three forms: opportunities that deprive children to attend school, work that compel children to leave school at an early age, jobs that require children to attend school But heavy workload.


International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization, established in 1919 as part of the Treaty of Versailles after the end of World War I, is founded on the belief that peace can be achieved only when social justice is based.
The International Labour Organization (ILO) was established in 1919 to promote social justice and establish international standards of employment. Let us tell you that ILO has 187 member states and 186 of them are members of the United Nations. The 187th member is Cook Island (South Pacific). Since then, the ILO has passed several conferences to improve working conditions worldwide. Not only that, but it also provides guidance on things like wages, working hours and favorable environment.

In addition, in 2002, the International Labour Organization (ILS) promoted the “World Day Against Child Labor” Convention Nos. 138 and 182. ILO Convention Number 138 was adopted in 1973 and focused on the minimum age for employment. It aims to increase the minimum working age of member states and abolish child labor. In 1999, the ILO Convention Number 182 was ratified, calling it “the worst form of child labor convention”. It aims to take necessary and necessary measures to eliminate the worst form of child labor.
The ILO helps the world achieve lasting peace by working to improve unfair working conditions, including protecting children and youth from economic exploitation.

The first conference that ratified the ILO was about the minimum age industry. This leads to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set by the international community to curb child labor by 2025.
In fact, the Child Labor Conference of 2019 and 1999 has been marked 20 years after the adoption of the worst forms of ILO. The day also focuses on adopting the Protocol of the Compulsory Workers’ Convention of 2014 to protect the rights of children and adults.



Of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015, 20 are known as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, replacing and creating successful Millennium Development Goals. Sustainable development goals broaden the global community’s efforts to change the world.
The eight goals of the 2030 Agenda are “promoting a holistic and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all”. This goal of sustainable economic development includes the goal of abolishing child labor in all its forms by 2025 (8.7).

Alliance 8.7
World leaders are committed to using the Sustainable Development Goal 8.7:
Goal 8.7 is an ambitious goal and cannot be attained without cooperation and coordination. Coalition 8.7 was formed to accelerate the work towards the successful achievement of the goal.
Alliance 8.7 is a global partnership that helps establish coordination between governments and organizations related to child labor. It exists to prioritize activities, coordinate and guide activities, provide clear responsibilities, provide progress, research, knowledge sharing, technical expertise, and innovation, leverage resources, and end child labor.


Helping the most vulnerable children

At Compassionate, we rely on a network of local churches in low and middle income countries to identify children living in unsafe conditions, including children who are victims of child labor. Our children will receive additional support beyond the main benefits of our program. Additional interventions help provide safety, security, and stability in children’s lives and are traditionally exposed to conditions related to child labor. Some of the ones we provide include:

  • Legal sources to find missing children
  • Taking care of children living in violent situations
  • Counseling for children with heart attack
  • Medical support and ongoing support for victims of abuse
  • Intervention for adolescents struggling with alcohol, sexual activity or harassment
  • Counseling parents to protect and enable their children
  • Children can continue to school because parents have vocational training and income opportunities

A child in our sponsorship program spends 4,000 hours on safe and nutritional programs, is at least 50 percent more likely to earn a college degree, 14 to 18 percent more likely to get a paid job, and find a white job 35 percent more likely to – a caller’s job.



These days focus mainly on child development, which protects children’s educational rights and civilized lives. Therefore, it is important to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 as the United Nations promotes. Several organizations, including the ILO, are trying to curb child labor. We must also bear the responsibility of helping to eliminate child labor. A child who comes out of child labor correctly states that he knows his ability and self. They began to enjoy life and human rights and lead a decent life. There is no doubt that such children contribute to the economic and social development of the country and the world. Children are the future of the country, no!
Stop child labor, protect children’s rights, educate and support them!



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