EVS Worksheet for class 1 – Body Parts

Worksheets for Class 1 EVS | Worksheet for

EVS Worksheets for Class 1 – Body Parts

EVS worksheets for class 1 / Worksheets for class 1 EVS will help your kid to practice what he/she has learned in the class. Get lost in the puzzle over crosswords, mazes, challenge your memory, and much more with our specially prepared worksheets for kids. We give you a benefit by providing them to you in pdf format so that you can print and use them at your convenience. Practice and more Practice make your kid faster and smarter than fellow classmates!

Key Highlights of EVS worksheets:

  • Engaging content to boost larger concentration spans
  • Accurate solutions prepared by experts and teachers
  • Available in a pdf format


Let’s understand through video

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Here are a few sets of worksheets for class 1 EVS on various topics like the senses, food, transport, types of houses, festivals, etc.  The concepts are relevant to all curricula across the boards. The worksheets assess the application of learning. Class 1 learners are learning more about the world every day.

Collection of class 1 EVS worksheets is designed to feed that curiosity and help kids understand their relationships to the wide world around them—while developing reading skills and logical reasoning abilities. What you’re looking for and you find, simply download and print each worksheet and you’re ready to use them according to your convenience. As your kid learns the basics, pay attention to the topics most interest them, and explore Takshila Learning library for the same.


CBSE Class 3 Science Birds and their features


Worksheets of class 1 EVS will educate your kids on topics like the senses, food, clothes and shelter, family, air-seasons, animals- their homes, types of eaters, transport, sky and space, and many more. Visual diagrams will help your kids to understand concepts from parts of the body to space. You can even see demos on various topics in animated videos like need of water and Air, seed planting guides to plant vegetables and watch them grow! Our EVS videos and worksheets provide even more ways to get excited about environmental science.


Worksheets for class 1 – Sense organs, My body parts


Worksheets for Class 1 EVS | EVS Worksheets For Class 1                      Worksheets for Class 1 EVS | Worksheet for

Worksheets for Class 1 EVS | Worksheet for                   Worksheets for Class 1 EVS | Worksheet for



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