Why Mathematics is challenging for kids? Reason and solutions


Why Mathematics is challenging for kids? Reason and solutions
Why Mathematics is challenging? Reason and solutions

Why Mathematics is challenging for kids? Reason and solutions

Mathematics is not challenging – Nelson Mandela one of the greatest leaders of South Africa once said – Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

We live in a society where we all are brought up to understand the importance of education, the importance of learning. We grow up to realise that education can help up us achieve our goals in life. It gives us the key to dream big.

Hence, since our very childhood, we try to focus well on our studies. We try to excel in all the fields, in all the subjects. But while doing that, there is one subject which scares most of the children and that is mathematics.

Maths is one subject; I have seen people giving up on. Children find it way to complex, way to challenging to study. Children find it hard to score well in the subject and repeatedly scoring low marks results in hatred towards the subject.

To be honest, maths is really not that scary. But there are reasons why children find it so difficult.

  1. Lack of practice: Maths is a subject which requires constant practice. There are so many concepts to be worked upon. Putting daily effort with a plan will surely produce results for you. After all, we have grown up hearing this saying – practice makes a man perfect.
  2. Understanding the concept: Maths is all about understanding. Memorising the formulae just wouldn’t do the trick. You’ll eventually get confused and end up mixing up all the formulae and concepts.
  3. Weak foundation: Maths is a subject which builds upon the previous concepts. So, unless and until you have a strong foundation, you’ll have problems to connect with new ideas and new concepts. Hence, always focus on ensuring that your understanding about these concepts of maths is excellent. They will definitely come in use while understanding and learning the newer and higher concepts.

Once you focus on all of these problems, maths won’t be a problem anymore. All you need to do is understand the concept well. Then practice these concepts till you thoroughly understand them. Never forget these concepts. You’ll see your graph of growth exponentially increasing if you follow the above advice. Sure, maths requires investing time and energy. But, once you get a gang of it, it won’t seem that difficult. You’ll start enjoying the subject and you’ll end up loving the subject.

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April 7, 2019

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