Why is important to make Strategy for Life?

Strategy for Life
Strategy for Life

Strategy for Life – Truth or Noise?

Before we start this discussion I would like to put forward the following questions to you so that we all come on the same page.

  • Do you ever doubt yourself?
  • Do you ever question your work?
  • Am I doing exactly what I always wanted to do?
  • Is this my passion?
  • What am I going to do next in my life?
  • Am I following the same path I started my journey with or did I wander off a bit along the way?
  • When will I reach my final goal?

Well, yeah, we all feel lost sometimes. We all feel confused. We all feel frustrated at times.  In the hope to discover a sorted straight life, we get strangled deep into it losing the sight of the correct straight forward path.

But why does this happen? Aren’t we paying attention to life?

Well, after introspecting a bit, I stumbled upon an answer. We are too busy leading life one day at a time that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We forget to strategize our moves and plan our life.

Since, our very childhood, we have been taught to live in the moment. Make the best out of the current situations. Do not worry about your future; make your present a better day. Although this may be good advice, neglecting our future, our main goal, our destiny – isn’t what successful people might do.

So, sit down, take a moment to introspect and question yourself.

What is the ultimate strategy of your life? What do you aim to achieve? What do you desire the most? What is your ultimate goal? Where am I right now versus where do I want to be? Is what I am planning doable? Does it all make sense? What needs to change in the ways I work right now to create a different outcome which I am planning on?

And once you have answers to these questions, you will eventually find yourself doing things leading to your final goal. You might wonder a bit. But that’s ok because you’d know when to come back to the right track. You’d know how much you have wandered off.  Your tactics for the present might change but you must always focus on the ultimate strategy of life. You must always remember the difference between having strong tactics and having a strong strategy. Having the right tactics mean having a solution for the current problem. Having the right strategy means even after your current problem is solved, you’ll have a plan for the next move.  So, you should be happy when your tactics work out. But, you should experience real excitement and happiness when your strategies work out. But both of them go hand in hand.

“A strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without a strategy are the noise before defeat.”

  • Sun Tzu

Sometimes, when you are planning things out, you tend to see outside the box, you tend to explore new possibilities; you tend to find new ways to reach your goal. That eventually helps you become more creative and open-minded.  And after careful evaluation of all options, you will finally have an optimum solution with maximum productivity.

The essence of strategy is in choosing what to do and what not to do at the right time. Always remember that a vision without strategy becomes an illusion.

So work smart and always have a strategy in place for you so that you always have a bigger vision of your life in front of you and day to day actions don’t blur your long term vision.

The writer of this article is Maitreyi Mahajan, who has just completed her engineering from DTU, New Delhi.

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June 16, 2019

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