Why Educational Videos are Important?

Why Educational Videos are Important

Why Educational Videos are Important?

In today’s age of education, the video has become an important component. As part of the conventional courses, it is incorporated as a foundation of many blended modules and is also the primary mechanism of information transmission in several of them. Many of the meta-analyses have shown that technology can boost teaching.

Cognitive load is one of the key factors when building educational resources, including educational shows or movies. Sensory memory and the consequent collecting information from the environment is transient. For temporary storage and processing in working memory, which has very limited space, information from sensory memory can be selected. This processing is very essential for long-term memory which has essentially unlimited capacity. The learner must be selective on what sensory memory data should he or she pay attention to during the learning process since working memory is very small.

The impact on our daily culture of educational digital videos is undeniable. It seems only logical that this familiar and ubiquitous medium could expand more into the education system as this is the way forward for the generations to come.

Students today use instructional videos as a platform to learn everything from simple skills to new dance crazes, or even for changing a tire. The availability of instructional videos for online learning has eased out the projection of abstract subjects that once seemed hard to taught and learned have now become easily accessible and understandable.

Studies have shown that the use of short video clips enables processing and memory recall to be more effective. A large audience is drawn by the visual and auditory quality of videos and which encourages each viewer to interpret information in a way that is natural to them. Videos are good teachers according to several studies.

In teaching and learning, the use of videos aims not only to support students, but also teachers, their associated institutions, and the school system as a whole. A study conducted by a software company in 2015 concluded that 93% of teachers agree that the use of educational videos enhances the learning experience. They also serve to break down barriers which were once insurmountable, such as the location of students and campuses.

The online, asynchronous nature of videos enables them to be viewed at all hours of the day or night around the world. Educational videos reach a wider audience than ever before, and educational institutions achieve considerable autonomy through the same. They can be used to keep active and engaged future, present, and former students.

Short video clips with interactive maps, famous personalities of the campus, and significant rituals and landmarks can be a perfect way to show the facility to students and their families. For students who are unable to visit in person, this is a perfect alternative. The difference between a student deciding to apply to a school and removing it from the list because of a transport barrier can be inferred by an insightful campus tour video.

Teachers may use videos to deliver information about the course that can be incredibly helpful in opening up time for class. Before training, lectures and other introductory material can be accessed, videos can allow for more in-class activities related to practice and capacity. Educational videos are available at the convenience of the student and can be viewed several times to help with coursework and mastery of skills.

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Videos create a sensory experience that is more immersive than using written materials alone. In reality, learners get to see and hear the idea being taught, and they can interpret it in the same way as their daily experiences are processed.

They have a go-to resource that can be accessed using an internet connection from anywhere. Videos on a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are available. This makes visualization at the ease of the student which is from the comfort of their homes.

Educational videos are the preferred choice of future aspirants because of the following reasons:

1. Retention of concepts – Videos enhances the retention of information and students can remember it better when they watch them.

2. Replay benefit – Educational videos can be paused and replayed as many times as possible. Long after the initial lesson is taught, they may also be reviewed.

3. Complex subjects made simple -They help greatly to learn all subjects, but especially those subjects that are complex and/or highly visual, such as step-by-step procedures, problem-solving, or formulas of science and maths.

4. Excel digital skills – They increase skills in digital literacy and communication, which are critical competencies of the 21st century.

5. Convenient and accessible – Educational videos are very easily approachable and can be watched as per the convenience of the aspiring learner. There are no restrictions on the location and situation.

In a nutshell, educational videos are the best way to keep up the wave of learning even during situations like the current pandemic.

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