WHY CHOOSE CBSE BOARD FOR YOUR CHILD? Central Board of Secondary Education

Why Choose CBSE BOARD For Your Child
Choose CBSE BOARD For Your Child

Why Choose CBSE BOARD For Your Child?

Millions of parents select the Central Board of Secondary Education which is trustworthy and one of the very commonly known boards in India. CBSE began in 1962, years have passed and the board now has more than 17,000 schools in India and abroad affiliated with it.

What makes the CBSE board so unique and why should your child choose CBSE?

The course structure continues to improve reasoning and analytical skills in children rather than educating them to memorize the facts, the CBSE board has a higher success rate. In changing times, the CBSE curriculum is highly relevant as it caters to children of different languages and ethnicities. The board’s syllabus is more application-based and realistic. The board regularly reviews and modifies the syllabi for the schools to meet the education system’s world-class requirements.

The CBSE board conducts two exams per year– All India Secondary School Examination, AISSE (Class X) and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination, AISSCE (Class XII) (Class XII). Since their syllabus integrates the national curriculum, students have a higher rate of performance in examination results.

The goal of CBSE is to educate children in a manner that moves away from geographical obstacles.

It aims to incorporate initiatives that develop the skills required for a child to live anywhere on the globe.

In 2010, for example, CBSE introduced CBSE-I, which is a more international-focused CBSE.

The syllabus was designed to be more skill-based and to suit different styles of learning. Under CBSE-I, Maths was divided into 2 segments-elective and core for class 9 & 10 students.  In addition to imparting quality knowledge to students, the CBSE board also guarantees overall development. The curriculum allows learners to pursue extracurricular abilities such as sports. The board also focuses on teaching good humanistic principles to students and ensuring physical and mental development for every student. Students who have a background in athletics, debates, drawing, or other extra-curricular activity earn multiple scholarships from most top universities in the world.

In almost every city in India, a CBSE school can be a big advantage for families who continue to migrate because of work commitments.

Parents also often believe that they can quickly find CBSE syllabus tuition since most of the tutors work at CBSE Schools and are knowledgeable of the CBSE Syllabus. CBSE is affiliated with most schools in India and thus requires not only regular candidates to study during admissions at CBSE affiliated schools but also private candidates not to study in non-affiliated schools.

CBSE is much more student-friendly than the Boards of State. The course layout is structured to ensure that pressure is taken out from the minds of the students and books are made engaging and interesting. In addition, several enjoyable games between the chapters are included to help students learn in a playful way. Activities related to the chapter are planned and incorporated into the classrooms by different subject teachers.

CBSE examinations are therefore very conducive to a healthy student climate. All attempts are carried forward to ensure that the students benefit from the whole process in practice. To pass the tests, they don’t need to mug up things. The documents are organized in such a way that they measure how much the students have understood. The findings are mostly positive and very few students fail to perform CBSE examinations.

If you are preparing to do future study from an institution such as an IIT or AIIMS, the CBSE curriculum will certainly be the right choice. The preliminary examinations for these institutions are coordinated only by CBSE, so if you have completed your primary and secondary education through the CBSE board, you will have a dominant effect in every way.

CBSE gives students a lot of options in pursuing their area of interest. Students are given an option to study in their field of interest at each level of education and there is no pressure to choose a certain stream.  All the streams are given their due importance for the child to feel fulfilled.

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Takshila learning provides an opportunity for the students to understand the concepts standardised under the CBSE board with ease and self-confidence. The lessons imparted are prepared by subject matter experts who make it a point to come out with a product that includes the theoretical and practical approach to learning. To match the requirement of CBSE, Takshila comes up with activity-based learning which is interactive and makes the aspirant’s future ready.

Takshila learning makes it easy for the students to study from anywhere and through any device through the best recorded videos and also power point presentations. The flowcharts, tables, and diagrams are simplified and explained in an easy language. Short tips and techniques are given for getting solving challenging problems. The lecture videos are available in every subject with elaborated practice material and examples.

CBSE Board and Takshila learning, the best combination on the floor to open the career doors

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