What is the Process of Photosynthesis in Algae? Online 7 Class Science

Process of Photosynthesis in Algae Class 7 science

The process of Photosynthesis in Algae Notes for Class 7 Science

In this article, we will discuss The Process of Photosynthesis in Algae out for Class 7 science. Photosynthesis is the method carried out by the green pigment chlorophyll. In this process carbon dioxide and water are turned into simple sugars and oxygen, using sunlight as the energy source.

Photosynthesis in algae

  • We have often observed the presence of some slimy, green patches in the water of ponds or in stagnant water.
  • These green patches arise due to the presence of organisms called algae which contains chlorophyll that is responsible for its green color.
  • Due to the presence of chlorophyll algae are capable of preparing their own food by the process of photosynthesis in the same way autotrophic plants do.

Photosynthesis in Algae  science

Photosynthesis in Algae  science

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Synthesis of plant food other than carbohydrates

  • We have seen so far that photosynthesis can only provide us with carbohydrates which contain carbon, hydrogen, and These components of carbohydrates are used to produce other components of food.
  • But nitrogenous substances containing nitrogen, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are also a substantial component of food.
  • The second source of food for plants is from the soil which contains certain minerals like phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, Sulphur and many other minerals present in dissolved form. These minerals are absorbed by the plants from soil using the root hairs of plants.

Photosynthesis in Algae  science

  • The nutrients required by plants in large quantities are called macronutrients whereas the nutrients required by plants in small quantities are called micronutrients.


  • Due to this reason, the quality of plants depends upon the quality of the soil. To get a good yield of plants it is necessary to take care of the quality of the soil.


  • Out of the minerals present in the soil, Nitrogen is a macronutrient for plants. A lot of nitrogen is present in gaseous form (78%) that cannot be used directly by the plants.
  • This atmospheric nitrogen is converted into nitrogenous compounds and fix them into the soil that is done by the nitrogen-fixing This nitrogen is taken up by the plants.
  • Therefore, farmers add fertilizers to the soil. These fertilizers enrich the soil with additional nutrients like sodium, potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen that is in turn absorbed by the plants and is used to synthesize other components of food such as proteins and fats.

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