What is the major feature that differentiates the IB board from the other boards?

Features of IB board
Features of IB board

What is the major feature that differentiates the IB board from the other boards?

I hear many people saying these days how their kids are teaching them to use the internet or software. Don’t you hear from some parents that their pre-schooler knows how to see videos on YouTube? Children are getting smarter, and nature will do what it needs to do! Therefore, in an atmosphere that promotes their intelligence and allows them to find their place in this overly competitive world, children need to be nurtured.

The competition and the growth both go hand in hand. So, increasing competition has led to more options, and we all get confused about the board to choose for our children. There’s one that everyone speaks about is the IB Board.

In 1968, the IB program was introduced with the goal of creating an all-inclusive program to encourage intercultural bonding and promote lifelong learning among students.

IB aims to achieve better than any other curriculum by creating young people who are inspired to excel, who are inquiring, curious, and compassionate. We aspire to grow learners who through intercultural understanding and respect can create a better world.

The IB programs vary from other curricula because of the following:

1. Encourage critical thinking in question and assumptions

2. Produce national and government structures independently, integrating quality science practices and our global school community

3. Motivation of multilingual students to motivate both local and global contexts

In addition to our specific knowledge theory (TOK) course, students are able to take responsibility for their own learning and understand how knowledge itself is created. They are encouraged to attempt various learning styles and to take responsibility for their own success in education.

As typically found in the school curriculum up to the age of sixteen, the International Baccalaureate (IB) continues the broad and balanced learning approach to subjects; while students taking the Advanced General Certificate of Education (GCE) level appear to become more specialized and focus on three of four subject areas that represent the path they are likely to take in the future.

The IB subjects can be taken as stand-alone subjects that can be awarded an IB Certificate. Students need to successfully complete six subjects, three at the higher level and three at the standard level, plus main components in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), an extended essay and Imagination, Intervention, Service, to earn the full IB Diploma (IBDP) award (CAS).

It has become all the more important to equip children with global skills and competencies with the ever-expanding global reach of the modern world to produce genuinely “global citizens.” As a result, educational decisions in the present day are not limited to just choosing a school or a stream, you also need to decide on aboard.

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In its approach, the CBSE has been more conservative, giving greater importance to the assimilation of knowledge, in particular in the fields of mathematics and science. Its curriculum focuses more or less on preparing students for entrance exams in engineering and medicine, resulting in a deviation from the importance of languages. There is also not much emphasis on extra-curricular activities, and learners are expected to concentrate on their studies and exams.

On the other hand, their method is more comprehensive in the CISCE, IB, and Cambridge Advanced curricula and gives equal weight to all fields: arts, technology, mathematics, and languages. Their approach is also broader, stressing the significance of all-round growth, rather than only concentrating on the selection and analysis of information.

It provides in-depth knowledge and experience in subjects of the preference of the students. Six separate subject groups are given to the students, where they are allowed to choose one from each, thus offering a lot of versatility.

As the students are tested all year round, on a number of parameters, the IB curriculum is far more challenging and demanding than the other two Indian boards. To test students, quizzes, essays, portfolios, and assignments are used, and there is a strong emphasis on internal evaluation, keeping the students on their feet throughout the year.

The IB board has the following specialties:

1. Versatile

2. In-depth analysis

3. Practical approach

4. Global acceptance

5. Internal assessment

6. Overall development

7. Instigating knowledge

8. Critical thinking aroused

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