What is the Income Tax? Act ,Types , and Concept of Income

Income Tax
Income Tax

Income Tax : Act, Types, and Concept of Income

Tax is the necessary budgetary charge demand by the legislature on salary, ware, administrations, exercises, or exchange. The word ‘charge’ got from the Latin word ‘Taxo’. Assessments are the essential wellspring of income for the administration, which are used for the government assistance of the individuals of the nation through government approaches, arrangements, and practices. In India, Income Tax was first time presented in the year 1860 by Sir James Wilson so as to meet the misfortune caused by virtue of ‘military revolt’ in 1857.

In the year 1886, a different Income Tax Act was passed, this demonstration was in power for quite a while, subject to different corrections every now and then. In the year 1918, another Income Tax Act was passed, however, once more, it was supplanted by another new demonstration of 1992. The Act of 1922 turned out to be convoluted because of different corrections. This demonstration stays in power to the evaluation year 1961-62. In the year 1956, the Government of India alluded to the Law Commission so as to rearrange the law and furthermore to forestall the avoidance of Tax. The Law Commission presented its report in September 1958 in counsel with the Ministry of Law. As of now, this law is represented by the Act of 1961 which is usually known as the Income Tax Act, 1961 which came into power on and from first April 1962. It applies to the entire of India, including the province of Jammu and Kashmir.


The Income Tax law in India comprises of the accompanying parts;

1. Income Tax Act, 1961: The Act contains the significant arrangements identified with Income Tax in India.

2. Income Tax Rules, 1962: Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is the body which cares for the organization of Direct Tax. The CBDT is engaged to make rules for doing the reason for this Act.

3. Finance Act: Every year Finance Minister of the Government of India presents the spending plan to the parliament. When the fund bill is affirmed by the parliament and get freedom from the President of India, it turned into the Finance Act.

4. Circulars and Notifications: Sometimes the arrangements of a demonstration may require explanation and that explanation for the most part in a type of fliers and warnings which has been given by the CBDT every once in a while. It incorporates explaining the questions with respect to the degree and importance of the arrangements.

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Status of Income Tax in Other Countries

  • Income Tax in Australia

Income Tax is the most noteworthy and prime wellspring of income for the legislature of Australia inside the Australian tax collection framework. It comprises of three fundamental columns i.e., individual income, business profit, and capital increases. The reformist methodology of the duty framework is being followed up by Australia, which implies that the more you gain, the more assessment you have to pay. The expense is forced by the national government on the available salary of people and organizations.

  • Income Tax in America

The reformist methodology of the duty framework is being followed up by the United States of America, which implies that the more you procure, the more assessment you have to pay. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the USA is liable for duty and assortment of pay charges. The United States charge framework is set up on both a government and state level. Both are out and out independent and each has its own position to charge charges. The government doesn’t have any option to meddle with the state tax assessment. Each state has its own assessment framework and not quite the same as different states. The U.S. charge framework is very intricate in nature.


Types of Taxes

Taxes are demanded by the legislature on the citizen. Charges are extensively isolated into two sections to be specific, Direct Tax and Indirect Tax. Direct Tax is collected legitimately on the salary of the individual. Pay Tax and Wealth Tax are the pieces of Direct Tax. Though, in circuitous assessments, the individual who covers the expense, moves the weight to the individual who burns-through the products or administrations. Before 2017 the Indirect Tax contains different charges and obligations like Service Tax, Sales Tax, Value Added Tax, Customs Duty, Excise Duty and so on From July first, 2017 all such Indirect Taxes are lowered in one expense law which was named as ‘The Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017″.


Concept of Income

In like manner speech, Income is known as an ordinary occasional re-visitation of an individual from his exercises. In any case, the Income has more extensive ordered in Income Tax law. The Income Tax Act, even take thought of salary which has not emerged consistently and intermittently. For example, winning from lotteries, crossword puzzles, salary from winning of shows is likewise liable to burden according to pay the charge.

The Income incorporates salary from:

  • Cash or Kind

Salary regarding Cash isn’t the best way to get pay, it can likewise be gotten as far as a sort. The computation of salary from kind is dependent upon various medicines in both Direct and Indirect Tax. At the point when the payment is gotten in kind, its valuation will be made.

  • Legal or Illegal Income

A man of customary judiciousness may feel that the unlawful pay may not be falling under the idea of pay, yet pay charge doesn’t make any qualification between the salary got from a legitimate or illicit source. In CIT v. Piara Singh, the Supreme Court held that the loss of business of pirating will be taken into account derivation under Income Tax. The reasoning behind the choice was that the sneaking movement is likewise viewed as a business. Accordingly, the seizure of money notes utilized in the pirating movement is a misfortune which emerges straightforwardly from the carrying on of the business.

  • Temporary or Permanent

According to the Income Tax Act, there is no qualification in registering pay whether nature is transitory or lasting.


  • Receipt premise or Accrual premise

Salary emerges either on receipt premise or collection premise. It might accumulate to a citizen without its real receipt. The pay at times is considered to accumulate or emerge to an individual without its genuine collection or receipt. Pay accumulates where the option to get arises.

  • Gifts

Gifts up to Rs. 50,000 got in Cash don’t comprise charge risk. Blessings in kind having the reasonable worth greatest up to Rs. 50,000 isn’t obligated to burden. Nonetheless, the entire sum will be burdened if the worth surpasses as far as possible. In addition, the treatment of valuation of the blessing is distinctive in the diverse circumstance particularly endowments got once in a while of marriage.

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Income earned during the year is available in the following year. The meaning of “Earlier Year” is given under segment 3 of the Act. Earlier Year is the year wherein salary is acquired. The earlier year is the money related year quickly going before the important evaluation year. From 1989-90 onwards, every citizen is obliged to follow monetary year (i.e., April first of one year to March 31st of one year from now) as the earlier year. For a recently set up business or calling, the principal earlier year will begin from the day from which that business or calling has initiated, yet the time of finishing will stay the same (i.e., 31st March).

X set up business on July 20, 2016. What is the previous year for the assessment year 2017-18?


Earlier year for the appraisal year 2017-18 is the period starting from the date of setting up of business/calling (i.e., July 20, 2016) and finishing on March 31, 2017.


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