What is the Importance of International Customs Duty Day? Role of WCO

International Customs Duty Day
International Customs Duty Day

What is the Importance of International Customs Duty Day? Role of WCO

Customs is the agency responsible for tariff collection in a region. The movement of products in and out of the country is also regulated by customs. From animals to toxic items to personal objects, these products can be anything. The WCO helps to make it more effective for customs administrations around the world. The group has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and consists of 182 members from all over the world. Three-quarters of the participants are from developed nations.

Annually held on January 26, International Customs Day (ICD) recognises the role of custom officials and agencies in maintaining border security. It focuses on the conditions of employment and the problems facing customs officers in their careers. International Customs Day is not an official holiday and on this day, companies, schools, and government offices are open.

In 1952, World Customs Organisations were established to obtain the effectiveness and efficiency of the worldwide customs administration. In this case, things are used to concentrate on a single occurrence on many kinds of themes. It is used to celebrate to support the people without any robbery to run there with safety and protection. It is really important to handle everything correctly with many conditions in it which makes it easier for people to complete any job.

International Customs Day, created by the World Customs Organization (WCO), is held on 26 January, commemorating the inaugural session of the Customs Cooperation Council (CCC) in Brussels, Belgium, in 1953. Attending this session were 17 European nations. The CCC was renamed the International Customs Duty Day(WCO) in 1994 and WCO members today are customs organisations from 179 countries.

Internationally recognised as a global center of expertise in customs, the WCO plays a leading role in the debate, growth, promotion, and implementation of modern customs systems and procedures. It is sensitive to the needs of its members and its strategic climate, and its tools and best-practice approaches are recognised around the world as the cornerstone of sound customs administration.

On this day, companies hold speeches, conferences, appreciation programmes for workers, and educational seminars. They think about how customs help to keep our country secure, about what the world would be like if world trade were not properly handled. They will discuss with others the role that customs play in keeping you safe when you move to other countries. Learn more about the World Customs Organization and the 182 member nations.

Throughout the year, the theme of the year will direct Customs and its partners to position sustainability at the core of their potential changes in practices and processes. Throughout 2020, therefore, under the slogan ‘Customs Promoting Sustainability for People, Development and the Earth,’ the Customs Group will concentrate on contributing to a sustainable future where social, economic; health and environmental needs are at the centre of its activities.

“The Secretary-General, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, officially announced the WCO’s official theme for 2020, ‘Customs Promoting Sustainability for People, Development and the Earth‘. Throughout the year, the theme will direct Customs and its partners to place sustainability at the core of their potential changes in practices and procedures.

Secretary-General Mikuriya welcomed guests from the customs community, focusing his speech on how customs can contribute to a prosperous future where social, economic, health and environmental concerns are fully incorporated, and how we can all change behaviours and practises as individuals to improve society and the world.

He emphasised the Secretariat’s initiative to reduce the use of plastic bottles during meetings by making 100% recyclable and reusable water bottles available to delegates that can be filled with filtered tap water. He also thanked the generous assistance of Luxembourg Customs.


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Mr. Alain Bellot, Director General of Luxembourg Customs, thanked the WCO Secretariat for the opportunity to participate in the Customs Family event and highlighted the numerous duties assigned to Customs Administrations with regard to the security of the environment and social cohesion. He concluded that ICD was also an opportunity to thank committed men and women who on a daily basis, demonstrate their dedication and devotion.

After the formal opening of the event, guests saw, first-hand a sniffer dog in action from the Luxembourg Canine Team, toured the Luxembourg Customs mobile scanning van and road inspection vehicles brought to the event and were entertained by the 30-person Luxembourg Customs Orchestra.

Custom agencies hold employee recognition ceremonies where their outstanding service honours custom officers. Workshops, conferences, and talks are also held which focus on the theme of the year and the challenges facing agencies and officers.

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