What is the Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula? Practice with Solved Example

Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula

What is the Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula? Practice with Solved Example

The conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius is extremely important. Temperature ranges in Fahrenheit and Celsius are used for measuring and monitoring temperatures. Furthermore, the temperature of the space, air, and water will be determined by these scales. In the United States, the Fahrenheit scale is widely used. The Celsius scale, on the other hand, is well known throughout the world.

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What are the units of Fahrenheit and Celsius?   

What are the units of Fahrenheit and Celsius?  

The units of temperature scale are particularly useful for distinguishing one scale’s temperature from another. Celsius scale represents the temperature in, Fahrenheit scale represents the temperature in.


What is Fahrenheit and Celsius?

The Fahrenheit scale was the name given after the German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. It employs the degree Fahrenheit symbol: “F” as the unit. The scale’s lower defining point, 0 ℉, is the freezing temperature of a brine solution.

This solution of brine comprises of ice, water, and ammonium chloride. Furthermore, the melting point of ice on this scale is 32 ℉. However, on this scale, the boiling point of water is 212 ℉.

The Celsius scale is a temperature scale that is used by the (SI). With the exception of the United States and a few other countries, it is well-known almost everywhere in the world. On this scale, the degree Celsius symbol “°C” can be used to refer to a specific temperature. Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer, inspired the scale’s name. On this scale, water has a freezing point of 0 °C and a boiling point of 100 °C.


Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula

Most probably, a formula is required for the conversion of Fahrenheit scale to the Celsius scale. Moreover, this formula can be written as:

C= 5/9(F-32),

C = Celsius measure


F = Fahrenheit measure.

Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula

Knowing the formula allows you to convert between the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. In addition, there are three steps to accomplishing this, which are as follows:;

  1. First of all, subtract 32 degrees Fahrenheit from the Fahrenheit temperature.
  2. At the same time, multiply this particular number by five.
  3. Then, divide the result achieved by nine.


Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula Derivation ( F to C )

At the normal pressure, the Boiling point of water is 100° Celsius. Water, on the other hand, has a boiling point of 212° Fahrenheit.

Also, water freezes at 0° in Celsius. In comparison, water’s freezing point is 32° in the Fahrenheit scale.

When it comes to the freezing point of water, the scales start at a different number (0 v/s 32), so one would need to add or subtract 32.

When it comes to the boiling point of water, scales rise at a different rate (100 v/s 180), so here multiplication is necessary.

So, to convert the Fahrenheit scale to the Celsius scale, first subtract 32. After that, the result must be multiplied by 100/180.

Above all, 100/180 can be simplified to 5/9. This certainly is an easier way.

As a result, the formula for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius scale is:

C= 5/9(F-32).



So, how did we tackle with the degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit? Those have different answers, in that the Fahrenheit numbers are a bit off-kilter.

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, a physicist who invented the scale a few hundred years ago, is said to have graded temperature from the freezing point of brine (water, salt, and ice) to about the normal human body temperature. It stands to reason because these are natural touchstones. However, we get strange numbers such as water freezing at 32 degrees and boiling at 212 degrees, people moving at around 98 degrees, and room temperature being around 70 degrees.

An astronomer named Anders Celsius developed a more technically sound method. It scales 100 degrees between the freezing and boiling points of water at sea level (hence the term “centigrade”). That is, at 0 degrees Celsius, water freezes and at 100 degrees Celsius, it boils. In the international system of units, Celsius is the official unit of measurement.


Solved Example on Fahrenheit to Celsius

The temperature of an object is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Find out this figure on the Celsius scale?

First of all, one must do F – 32,


80 – 32 = 48.

One must multiply this figure by 5,

5 x 48 = 240

One must divide by 9,

240 / 9 = 26.7

After conversion,

The Celsius scale figure is 26.7 degrees Celsius.


Convert 12 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius.

For converting 12 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius, following formula to be used:

C= 5/9(F-32)


F refers to the temperature in Fahrenheit, and C refers to the temperature in the Centigrade scale.

In this particular scale, the value of F = 12.

Thus, we will substitute the value of F, and find the value of C.

C= 5/9(F-32)

= 5/9(12-32) = 5/9(-20) = -100/9 = -11.11°C


12°F = -11.11°C

12 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to -11.11 degrees Celsius.


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Convert 30 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit.

For converting 30 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, the following formula to be used:

F =(9/5*C) + 32


F: temperature in Fahrenheit scale

C: temperature in the Centigrade scale

In this particular scale, the value of C = 30.

Thus, we will substitute the value of C, and find the value of F.

F =(9/5*30) + 32 = 9*6 +32 = 54 + 32 = 86°F


30°C = 86°F

30 degrees Celsius equals 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

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