What Is The Expected Salary Of A Company Secretary As A Fresher In India?

What Is The Expected Salary Of A Company Secretary As A Fresher In India

What Is The Expected Salary Of A Company Secretary As A Fresher In India?


What is a CS Program?

Company Secretary (CS) program is a technical course that teaches students how to handle a company’s regulatory and legal enforcement, whether it is a corporate or a public body. Business secretaries function as a link or medium of contact between corporate and government agencies.

Because of the implementation of listing agreements and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulations, which companies must follow, the demand for CS has been rapidly growing in the corporate world. Companies have been able to act on corporate enforcement as well as much-needed business disclosures as a result of the increased stringency of corporate laws.

The CS who serves as a link between the business and government regulatory bodies, maintains and controls this line of communication.


What defines the earning capacity of a CS professional or a fresh CS aspirant in India?

The number of attempts a CS professional has made to pass the exams determines their average annual salary. It is thought that candidates who pass the exam on their first attempt would be charged more than those who pass on their second or third attempt. A applicant is only eligible to take the final CS exam three times in their lifetime.

Private companies pay a fresher who pass the exam on their first attempt earn an average salary of up to Rs 4.1 lakh per year. A fresher who passes on the second attempt earns an average salary of Rs 3 to 3.5 lakh per year. While the average salary for a fresher will start at around Rs 4 lakh per year, it can rise to Rs 9 lakh with five to nine years of experience and reach Rs 20 lakh per year for those with 20 years of experience.

A CS aspirant can also find opportunities in the United States of America (US), Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, and Dubai, among other nations. There are multiple opportunities at several places once the aspirant completes the program from the right place.

What are the skills required by a CS to earn well in India?

Corporate governance: One of the best paid skills in this profession

Legal document review: A CS professional with this expertise will earn an average annual salary of over Rs 7 lakh.

Regulatory compliance: This ability will earn you over Rs 6.7 lakh per year on average.

Taking meeting minutes: On average, a CS professional will earn more than Rs 6.14 lakh per year.


What is the role of a CS?

The job of a company secretary (CS) is to advise company directors about how their businesses should be guided, handled, and regulated. This is often referred to as corporate governance, and it entails making sure the corporation follows all legal and regulatory standards.

Annual general meetings (AGMs)/meetings are convened and serviced (producing agendas, taking minutes, conveying decisions, handling meeting correspondence and so on), during and outside the meetings, providing legal, financial, and/or strategic advice. Directors and members of the senior leadership team are being trained on corporate governance issues.

After Class 12, a student who wants to be a company secretary must pass three levels, foundation, executive , and professional. These are the three phases of becoming a company secretary. ICSI Foundation, Executive, and Professional  are provided by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Candidates with a desire to succeed in the field and every stream in Class 12 are qualified to pursue a career as a Company Secretary.


When should the aspirants take the CS course?

Students must take the ICSI Structure course after Class 12. CSEET has replaced the foundation course at present. The CS Executive course has replaced the intermediate course in the present program of CSEET. Get CSEET Registration FAQs here,

Students who pass the executive course are able to move on to the final stage of the ICSI programme. For students taking the Company Secretary Course, the most critical element is preparation. During the executive  level and after the professional  level exams of the Company Secretary course, students must participate in short-term training programmes.


CSEET Programme:

The Eligibility for the CSSET(CS Foundation Program) is one that should Be Cleared in (10 +2) or Equivalent.

Last date for submission of application for appearing in the CSEET examination

  • 31 st March Appearing December in the same year. (with late fee of Rs. 250/- until 9th April)
  • 30th September for the June next year (with late fee of Rs. 250/- Until 10th October)


CS Executive Programme:

The Eligibility for CS Executive can be pursued only after clearing the Foundation Program or any Graduation with any Background of Specialization. The Candidate Should not under the Age of 17.

  • 31st May for appearing in single module in December Examination in the same year
  • 31st August  for appearing in both modules in June Exam in the next year
  • 30th November for appearing in a single module in June Examination in the next year.


CS Professional Programme:

The CS Professional Programme can be pursued after clearing the Executive Programme of CS Course. The examination is conducted twice a year in June and December.

Last date for submission of application for appearing in the CS Professional Programme examination is:

  • 25th March (with late fee of Rs. 250/- until 9th April)
  • 25th September (with late fee of Rs. 250/- Until 10th October)



Who conducts the CS course?

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is a government-run body that administers and governs the Company Secretary course, which is regulated by the Company Secretaries Act of 1980. The ICSI’s government body is in charge of designing and framing the CS profession’s policies and rules of management.

A law degree (LLB) as a graduation degree, along with Corporate Secretary qualification, is said to help a person with a CS degree in obtaining their dream jobs in the long run. The majority of a company secretary’s role, according to the job description, is juggling the regulatory obligations of companies.


The Company Secretary (CS Course) is one of India’s most viable and profitable programmes. Takshila Learning offers CS Video Lectures (CSEET Online Classes, CS Executive, and CS Professional) that you can watch as many times as you want. Takshila Learning’s CS Online Classes and CS Pen Drive Classes were created by expert faculty and cover the entire syllabus prescribed by ICSI for the certification.

Takshila learning helps the CS fresher earn well equipped with the right professional skills.

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