What is Preschool Education and its Types? Importance of Nursery School

Preschool Education
Know about Preschool Education

What is Preschool Education , Its Types & Importance

Preschool Education – Preschool (Nursery School) is a well defined early childhood program in which children combine learning with play and fun.  This program is run by professionally trained tutors. In India, Children are most commonly enrolled in preschool between the ages of three and five, though those as young as two can also attend Pre schools. Play-School or Preschools are not like traditional schools, these are different from traditional daycare full-time schools in that their emphasis is experiencing, learning, and development rather than enabling parents to work or pursue other activities.

Preschool is one of the many childcare and learning options available to parents of children before their child starts full-time academics schools. The main aim of preschool programs are to help children gain social skills and assist them in learning-related skills..

Preschool programs provide basic learning of subjects like Math, English, communication and early childhood education and care for children, and help them develop a range of skills that make them ready to learn further school or academics, such as:

1. Social skills: This is the ability to empathize and interact successfully with their associate group, and also relate easily to adults.

2. Language skills: The ability to have adequate language skills in order to benefit from experiences facilitating their cognitive, educational, and social growth.

3. Executive function skills: The ability to hold and process information in the brain, plan and regulate one’s behavior, problem-solving, analytical skills, and creative mindset.

4. Emotional self-regulation skills: The ability to adapt behaviors depending on the atmosphere, situation, to control impulses and to divert attention.

5. Self-operation in learning skills: The ability to postpone immediate satisfaction to attain long-term goals, sustain attention, be persistent, and remain concentrated.


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Pre school education

Different types of pre school

There are different types of pre school and kindergarten. Some of them are known as seasonal preschools which engage children for a few hours in a day. At some other preschools, children stay all day and have lunch in between. Some preschools are run by the local or state government bodies like CBSE, State Boards, or IB, others by private companies, institutions, independent schools, or volunteer parents.

What do children learn at preschool?

At preschool, children learn through experimenting and playing with educational activities. In Preschools, teachers direct children’s learning around what interests them. Children learn to solve problems, answer questions, communicate, and socialize with others. They build their confidence, strength, and self-esteem, and make it easier and comfortable for them to learn when they go to school.

Below are some of the activities children do at a preschool:

1. Solving puzzles

2. Playing with blocks

3. Painting and drawing

4.  Reading books and listening to stories or poetry

5. Playing dressing up with dolls

6. Activities of personal interest like music, dance, and drama

7. Games like climbing and playing on outdoor equipment

8. Running, swinging, and jumping

9. Using computers and their applications

10. Involvement in playing with play dough, clay, sand, and water

Qualities of a good preschool

According to the NIEER (National Institute for Early Education Research), the types of teaching activities and classroom emphasis that contribute to high-quality early education for children include the following:

1. Opportunities to learn constantly when working at tasks, direction following, and good listening skills

2. Aim on language and literacy skills, as well as interactive book reading

3. Attention on teaching children problem-solving skills

4. Assisting children to expand their knowledge and increase their vocabulary

5. Chance to learn beginning skills involving the alphabet, numbers, and spatial awareness

6. Focus on scientific analytical skills as well as information about the everyday environment, the world, and how things work

7. Focus on teaching early literacy and mathematics through a variety of activities and projects

8. Opportunity for preschoolers to engage in activities like music, art, and dramatic play

9. The educational curriculum in which parents are involved and have opportunities to watch and take part in their children’s classroom activities

Play-Schools or Pre School programs are particularly successful in giving children a boost and a learning environment and putting them on the path of progress and success.


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