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What is Google Ad Words? Learn How Ad Words work

What is Google Ad Words?
Google Ad Words

What is Google Ad Words?

Google Ad Words – Google is the biggest brand today one could possibly think of and is getting over 95 percent of their annual $60 billion income including the fact that there are almost 1 billion business users in this.

Google is also one of the biggest search engines currently this is also one of the biggest reason that it is able to provide such a big platform for advertisers, the higher your audience the higher your revenue. Google Ad words are the place where businesses have to pay to get their websites rank top in the searches. Google takes $1 for every 3$ this is the ratio charged. Google Ad words are an easy and fast way out to any profit.

People search for a service or product which Google provides/shows them, now when people will come looking for something there are surely more chances that they will buy it, this is how businesses revenue and profit increases. Google does love big brands you cannot beat them in SEO stuff as long as you are another big brand let’s just believe that.


What is Google Ad Words?
Google Ad Words

But you will see in the above image is the new “oven story” brand coming out of nowhere to hack into swiggy’s revenue and is already beating with “uber eats”. Thus if you play quite smart in Ad words and use some of the high income generating keywords then you can surely go for the good revenue beating up the odds.

Also, Google gives you the best keywords planner in the market that lets you get high income generating keywords. BOOM!!! You have cracked the secrete Ad words. But it is not that simple now that Google is also smart it tries to run down every aspect of your marketing. People are very specific about their searches they don’t want unrelated Ad’s thus Google does according to them.

The Ad words are just like a market auction where people over the keywords to get their Ads at the top so that they can generate the maximum revenue. But it is not just about the bids that will make your Ads come at the top.

Great Quality Ad(Website+Ad Relevancy) + Impressive Bid = 1st Rank Ad

There are few things to keep in mind when starting as a beginner with Google Ad words because it does look easy but actually, it’s not. It can easily bring back you to 0 if you are not paying much attention and just spending the amount. It is fast in generating revenue but still one need to have patience.

  1. Get fixed, make a budget that you need to spend so that you don’t overspend and also so that you know how much revenue are you generating over what money.
  2. Things were complicated before now they are easy enough to navigate.
  3. Be patient the most important aspect for earning well through Ad words you need have a little bit of patience so that you don’t spend your budget too fast and neither you quit too fast.

These are the key factors to any Google Ad words account success. Google is running a business thus it will also want to generate the maximum revenue but if this would be the scenario to generate the maximum revenue then Google would have shown Ads from the top bids which could have been horrible and no relevant too but Google is so much concerned about its users that it doesn’t show the Ad from the maximum bid. Instead, it shows the Ad from the most relevant Ad copy and also on the basis of the most impressive bidding. But this also is a business strategy that helps in growing the business. Let’s take an example below as if-

Google lets the highest bidder show their Ad at the first rank and the Ad is least relevant and also is not formatted properly than whenever a user will visit for it her/she won’t find what they were looking for, the user would not ever come back. Now let’s take another example where the user finds what they are looking for this would increase their chances to come back. Thus google goes for the relevancy and Ad type and bidding.

Thus it really doesn’t matter if your bid is lower than your CPC you can still rank in good positions.

Below are short summary steps which you can follow for initial setup-


  1. Setup a Google Ad words account with your Gmail id.


what is Google Ad Words and how does work?
Google Ad Words

(This is how somewhat your account will look like.)


2. Start making a campaign.


what is Google Ad Words and how does work?
Google Ad Words

TIP: Keep the campaign name with name of your product so that you can remember easily.


3. Specify a budget in order to keep track of your earning.

what is Google Ad Words and how does work?
Google Ad Words

The column in the red boundary is where you define your campaign budget.

  1. Do not overspend in impatience and do not quit too easily.
  2. Make an Ad copy/Ad.
    1. Now here what you need to keep in mind is that the Ad copy must be of the high-quality score.

How will you make sure that it has a high-quality score? Below mentioned points can help you keep them handy.

  • Make Ad relevant to your product and link to the webpage.
  • Try to keep the webpage as informative as possible.
  • Make the web pages dynamic so that they can run in every user system.
  • Make sure the loading time of the webpage is less.
  • The content on the page should also relate to your Ad copy.
  • Now that you have done all this you just need to make sure you make an impressive bid.
  • After doing all this run your Ad and watch it running over the first position.

Once you have done all these steps there are furthermore things to do with Google Adwords as Google is not just satisfied with running Ad and just letting it go, it wants you to work harder on that Ad and make the most out of it. In shorter words, Google is in love with its Advertisers but also it is very strict with its terms and policies. Thus it wants you to make the best of that Ad for which Google has provided with many other beneficial functionalities such as mentioned below-

  1. Demography – This means you can add the places from where the maximum number of audience is coming and thus show them your Ad more than you are showing in any other region.
  2. Audience – This functionality helps you in seeing the audience type age and time spent on the page it creates a graph like structure for your better understanding.
  3. Placements – In this, you can see where and on what type of website your Ads are showing actually so that you can also think from the user’s perspective that if you were at their place that would you see the Ad and click on it. Conversion is the next step first step is clicking on it.
  4. Ad Schedule – You have a schedule for your life in which you perform the tasks which you want similarly Ads have a schedule. For example – Let’s say your Ad’s are most seen between morning 5 to 9 AM IST (Indian Standard Time) thus this is the best time to boost your Ad with the first rank. There are more chances to get click and hence conversions too for this time of the day. Thus you can hence clarify this on a more deeper level let’s say you want to boost your Ad for a specific day,  specific time and you want to keep this running for at least a month, you can create a schedule for this.
  5. Devices – You can also keep up with the audience device type like if the maximum audience coming to the website is from mobile or tablet you can boost your Ad’s for the mobile.
  6. Advanced Bid Adj. – This is the far most good and my personal favorite functionality this let you make your bid automate like it will help you go 30 % up and down in the bid amount according to your position the cap adjustment is only of 30 % but you can remove the cap if you wish to stay at the top place for no matter what so ever bid it may be.

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All these functionalities have their own best practices which you can follow in order to enhance your Ad performance.



Google has many types of Ads as Google is having access over many platforms also there are many forms of making those Ad’s appear such as mentioned below-


  1. Google Search Text Ads
what is Google Ad Words and how does work?
Google Ad Words

Above you will see with the search and text Ads, these are the most common ads you see when you search over any keyword or word (in general terms).

There are few more things in these types of Ads such as Ads extension. These are also of various types-

  •  AdWords Sitelink Extensions
  • AdWords Location Extensions
  •  Affiliate Location Extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions
  • AdWords Call Extensions
  • Message Extensions
  • AdWords App Extensions
  • AdWords Callout Extensions
  • AdWords Price Extensions
  • Promotion Extensions


2. Google Display Ads


what is Google Ad Words and how does work?
Google Ad Words

If you will see above, these types of Ads you can see while you are surfing on some else’s website or when you are at the search page of Google. These ads are known as Display Ads. These ads are mostly used for re-marketing purpose.


3. Google Shopping Ads


what is Google Ad Words and how does work?
Google Ad Words

Mostly used by e-commerce website’s as these are generally for showcasing products to Google visitors in order to generate high ROI. Most of the products like clothes or watches as you can see above by adding the right set of keywords. These e-commerce websites tend to sell their products.


4. Google Video Ads


what is Google Ad Words and how does work?
Google Ad Words

These types of Ads are generally seen on the video platforms which is mostly YouTube, mostly these ads for brand awareness as we all know an uncountable number of people visit YouTube every day and thus many brands find their potential customer over here.

These are the most common types of Google Ads you can see but then there are other ways also through which you can create your own Ad and showcase to your potential customers. There are much automation done in the marketing field. You will majorly see a different bot automated type of Ad in car selling brand as their goal is to get a test drive to the customer and increase the number of sales. This is by far most the most advanced type of Ad being used. Thus this is how we can define the Google Ad words although this doesn’t complete everything in it, as also said ”You can only learn swimming once you jump in the pool” similar is in this case.

This is how Google Ad words work. 

You will get complete knowledge of Google Ads in our Online Digital Marketing Course.


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What is Google Ad Words? What is Google Ad Words? What is Google Ad Words? What is Google Ad Words?What is Google Ad Words?

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