What is Computer? Computer Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Computer Computer Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Computer? Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Here we discussed What is Computer? and Computer Advantages and Disadvantages.

Computers are programmable electronic devices that are intended to accept data, perform prescribed high-speed mathematical and logical operations, and display the results of those operations. In information technology (IT), which is a sub-set of ICT, computers are used. For corporations and other businesses, computers store, send, retrieve and manipulate information. Computers apply to hardware since computers are unable to initiate functionality on their own.

Computers have had a very important influence on culture. Life has changed the way it was. Every aspect of life has been influenced by the use of computer technology. In order to perform various tasks quickly and comfortably, people use computers. The use of software makes numerous tasks simpler. It also saves time and effort and decreases the total cost of conducting a specific mission.

A computer is a machine that makes human life easy and fast. It provides very quick and accurate results. The computer has a very high storage capacity. It performs all tasks with perfection. Thanks to their amazing speed, precision, and storage, computers have made human life faster, in which human beings can save something and check it out easily when necessary. We may assume that a computer is a versatile machine because its job output is very flexible.


Most companies use computers to hold their clients’ records. For maintaining accounts and handling financial transfers, banks use computers. The banks also have online banking facilities for the customers can check their account balance. They can also carry out online financial transactions. With computerized systems, transactions are dealt with easily and efficiently. Computers can be seen as a fantastic tool for education. On the Internet, students can access all sorts of information.

People use computers to pay their bills, control their budgets at home, or just take a break and watch a movie, listen to music, or play video games. For the purposes of contact and knowledge exchange, online resources such as Skype or social media websites are used.

The computer is a technological device that has altered the way of life of the entire human beings and it has made all of our jobs easy. Today, computers have become an integral part of our lives, and there are many things in our everyday lives. Today, when we go to school to learn, all students take advantage of it.

But the computer has disadvantages too. In this blog, we will share both computer advantages and computer disadvantages.


Computer Advantages


A computer can easily perform multitasking whereas we cannot do multitasking with perfection. It can perform all the tasks assigned with perfection.



A computer has incredible speed, where does the task assigned in a fraction of seconds. Humans take a lot of time to do some calculations, but the computer does it within seconds.



Results obtained from computers will be 100% accurate, whereas we humans tend to do mistakes when we do big tasks.


Data Security

Protecting all our private data from hackers comes under data security. Computer anti-virus defenders will help in protecting our data from any kind of cyber-attack or access attack.


Online purchases

Today, because of Corona, everyone is hesitant to go out of the house so we can order things sitting at home from the sites like Flipkart and Amazon by making suitable use of the computer.



If we have to go somewhere and we don’t know the route, then we can easily get there using Google Maps at such a time.


Online banking

For transferring or receiving money too, a computer can be used efficiently. There is no need for running to banks during the odd hours for any of the financial requirements.



Computer Disadvantages


Online cybercrime

It means criminals used computers to commit crimes. Cyberstalking and identity theft come under cybercrime. After the attack, you may lose sensitive information like (Debit and credit card, etc).


Reduction in employment

As computer automation is taking over the world, this makes all regular jobs will get automated. This will make all the people working that will lose out jobs.


Health issues

If a computer takes all the work a human can do, it makes humans lazier and reluctant this will have serious health effects on humans.


Virus and Hacking

There is no perfect anti-virus defender in this world. This makes hackers attack our computer and will take access over your easy and virus may enter through email attachments, viewing virus-infected ads, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer


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