Class 12 Accounts What is Cash Flow Statement (CFS)

Class 12 Accounts What is Cash Flow Statement (CFS)

Class 12 Accounts What is Cash Flow Statement (CFS)

Cash flow is determined by making certain acclimations to overall gain by including or deducting contrasts in income, costs, and credit exchanges (showing up on the monetary record and pay explanation) coming about because of exchanges that happen to start with one period then onto the next. These alterations are made in light of the fact that non-money things are determined into an overall gain (pay articulation) and all-out resources and liabilities (asset report). Along these lines, in light of the fact that not all exchanges include real money things, numerous things must be reexamined when computing income from activities. In this article we are going to describe all about CASH FLOW STATEMENT (CFS) in accordance with the Class 12 Accounts Syllabus.

Table of Content:

  • What is Cash Flow Statement (CFS)?
  • Objectives of Cash Flow Statement
  • Classification of Cash Flow Statement, viz.,
    –   Cash Flow From Operating Activities
    –   Cash Flow From Investing Activities
    –  Cash Flow From Financing Activities
  • Methods of Cash Flow Statement Preparation

Let’s dive in starting with understanding what Cash Flow Statement (CFS) is;




The Cash Flow Statement, or the income proclamation, is a budget summary that sums up the measure of money and money counterparts entering and leaving an organization. The cash flow statement (CFS) gauges how well an organization deals with its money position, which means how well the organization creates money to pay its obligation commitments and reserve its working costs. The income proclamation supplements the monetary record and salary articulation and is a compulsory piece of an organization’s money related reports since 1987.
The Cash Flow Statement (CFS) permits financial specialists to see how an organization’s activities are running, where its cash is coming from, and how cash is being spent. The CFS is significant since it assists speculators with deciding if an organization is on strong money related balance. Banks, then again, can utilize the CFS to decide how much money is accessible (alluded to as liquidity) for the organization to finance its working costs and pay its obligations. The income explanation gauges how well an organization deals with its money position, which means how well the organization produces money to pay its obligation commitments and store its working costs. The income proclamation supplements the accounting report and salary explanation and is a required piece of an organization’s money related reports since 1987.


The objective of Cash Flow Statement or the fundamental target of preparing cash flow statements for a specific bookkeeping period is to introduce data in regards to the inflow and surge of money. Moreover, it presents the venture and money related exercises of a worry for a specific period. It likewise satisfies the accompanying objectives of Cash Flow Statement, such as;

  • Guaranteeing future positive income of specific concern.
  • Guaranteeing the limit of an association to deliver a profit.
  • Distinguishing non-money things guaranteeing money pay and costs of a worry.
  • Looking at different things of the current year with those of a year ago.

Knowing money, money proportionate and re-appropriate inflow of a worry for a specific period. Additionally, the income articulation assumes a significant job in arranging and controlling the future approaches of a business concern. It additionally enables investors and expected financial specialists in taking short-to term and long-haul choices.



Cash flow is divided into three parts in accordance with Operation Activities;

  • Cash flow from operating activities: Cash flow from operating activities implies inflow and outpouring of money through business exercises. The inflow of money for the most part relies upon deals, and the outpouring of money relies upon the costs of the business.
  • Money assortment: Cash receipts or money assortment are identified with income from working exercises. Since money assortment isn’t legitimately referenced in the issue, it is learned through the modification of different records. For this situation, money assortment is resolved to include opening receivables with net deals of the year and to take away shutting receivables subsequently. Additionally, different earnings, assuming any, are likewise added to it, for instance, the offer of scraps, enthusiasm on speculation, and so forth.
  • Money installment: For this situation, an aggregate of different consumption other than devaluation cost is added to the expense of merchandise offered to decide the aggregate sum of money installment.
  • Increment decline of current resources and current liabilities: For this situation, the contrast between current resources and current liabilities of the current year and a year ago is represented. Altering the previously mentioned three stages, money inflow or money outpouring from working exercises is resolved.
  • The operating activities identify with the salary explanation just as monetary record thing, for the most part, working capital record receivable, inventories, prepayment, creditor liability, and accumulations. SFAS95also indicates that it isn’t of a contributing or financing nature, for instance, the sum got to settle a claim.


Cash Flow From Investing Activities:

  • The cash inflow of cash outflow for a specific period is resolved from the inflow and outpouring of fixed resources of a business concern. For this situation, for the most part, money surge is checked.
  • These activities incorporate gaining and selling or in any case discarding protections that are not money counterparts, and beneficial resources that are relied upon to create income over the long there. For instance, Proceeds of getting will be accounted for independently from reimbursement resources acquisitions independently from resource miens.

Cash Flow From Financing Activities:

  • Financing is made for completing the general exercises of a business. The measure of inflow of money from financing for a specific period or year is resolved. Money inflow or money outpouring is resolved to think about the offer of new offers in the market, installment of profits, taking a drawn-out credit, the recovery of securities, and so on. The end equalization of money is resolved to add opening money parity to net income.
  • Include obtaining resources from owners & providing them with a return on their investment.
    On the off chance that the decided shutting money balance rises to shut money balance as appeared on the monetary records, it is expected that the income explanation is right.


In November 1987, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) gave an “Announcement of Financial Accounting Standards” which expected organizations to give an announcement of income instead of an announcement of changes in money related positions. There are two strategies for getting ready and introducing this announcement, the immediate strategy, and the aberrant technique. The FASB supports, however, don’t require, the utilization of the immediate technique for revealing. The two techniques for revealing influence the introduction of the working area as it were. The putting and financing areas are introduced similarly paying little mind to introduction strategies.

  • Direct Method: The immediate strategy, likewise called the pay proclamation technique, reports significant classes of working money receipts and installments. Utilizing this technique for setting up a money articulation begins with cash got and afterward takes away cash spent, to compute net income. Devaluation is avoided out and out in light of the fact that, in spite of the fact that it is a cost that influences net benefits, it isn’t cash spent or gotten.


  • Indirect Method: This strategy, likewise called thereconciliation method, centers around total compensation and the net income from tasks. Utilizing this technique one beginning with a net gain, includes back deterioration, at that point figures changes in accounting report things. The final product is a similar net income delivered by the immediate strategy. The backhanded strategy includes devaluation into the condition since it began with net benefits, from which deterioration was deducted as a cost.

Whether or not the direct strategy or the roundabout strategy is utilized, the working area of the income articulation closes with net money gave (utilized) by working exercises. This is the most significant detail on the income articulation. An organization needs to create enough money from tasks to continue its business movement. On the off chance that an organization persistently needs to acquire or get extra speculator capitalization to endure, the organization’s drawn-out presence is at risk.

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Questions based on Cash Flow Statement:

  • What is the cash flow?
  • What is cash?
  • What are cash equivalents?
  • Dividend paid by a financial company is grouped under which kind of movement while getting ready to cash flow statement?
  • Which method of preparing Cash flow statement is better and why?


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