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Top Free Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketer in our sense is a person who is well aware of current online marketing trends, strategies and pipelines of how to get them done. Thus an online marketer must know about free tools that will help him/her to do what is required in the best possible manner.

Today the internet is flooded with free digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs like you and many others. People are trying to take their venture at a new stage and these free digital marketing tools are ready to get you where you want. All they require from you is your personal details and some information.

Below you will be reading about the top best free digital marketing tools that will help anyone no matter it is a digital marketer or even a common person. The tools mentioned below will be from day to day use that will help you in every aspect of insights and analysis and further many more, but still, if you feel like we have left some of the essential tools then feel free to let us know in below comments. Many of the tools below will also help you in CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization), personalization and marketing automation. If any of these tools you feel like using, use it to the fullest and let see how does it work that would also provide much greater information to our digital marketing industry.


Tool 1 – Free Digital Marketing Tools

 Website Performance Analytics – Smylelytics

Top free digital marketing tools, Name of Top 6 free digital marketing tools , digital marketing tools , free digital marketing tools , Top digital marketing tools

Unless and until you are really good at calculating statistics till then analyzing the website insights and traffic and data can be very exhausting and mind bombing task.

This tool helps in analyzing different key performance indicators that tell you how your visitor interacts with the website so that you can enhance the website accordingly in order to increase the user interaction and your conversion.

An extremely user-friendly tool that not only generates your websites stats but also creates your bi-monthly report of website traffic and insights.

All they require from you is a just some credentials and then it all free. The report it generates is fun to see because of its personalized pictures experience you can just see the pictures and get the knowledge whether if your website traffic and other insights are good, medium or if it requires your attention.


Tool 2 – Free Digital Marketing Tools

 Email marketing – Mailchimp

Top free digital marketing tools, Name of Top 6 free digital marketing tools , digital marketing tools , free digital marketing tools , Top digital marketing tools

E-mail marketing is considered to be one of the most cost-effective methods to generate good ROI which is “Return on Investment”. It just says or defines the amount you have got back from what you invested. This marketing technique lets you generate the highest ROI because the initial KPI or goal in this is so simple collecting email from people is simple enough.

Mail chimp, on the other hand, is also considered to be one of the best e-mail marketing tools. Its free version which is like free forever allows you to create or have a list of maximum 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month. Mail chimp apart from just this and campaign building provides many other better services that are free too, some of them are mentioned below-

  • Media storage options
  • Email designing themes
  • List creation and management with easy segmenting options
  • Sign-up forms
  • Autoresponders
  • Drip campaigns
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics revealing CTRs, clicks, opens and more
  • Subscriber data based on engagement rates
  • Third-party app integrations like Google Analytics and social media

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Tool 3 – Free Digital Marketing Tools

 Blogs topic research — Answer the Public

top free digital marketing tools

Blogs are the main part of your website family that helps in creating the goodwill of the website over a search engine. Blogs are the main reason that makes your website show in the search engine organically or in non-paid results.

Blogs are the key source for your website traffic. Thus in order to know to get more traffic you must know what your customers are searching on the web in relation to your business.

In comparison between a search engine and Answer the Public tool is that this tool is dynamic which helps in knowing the topmost search topics according to your keyword, language and customers search.

It simply works like a search engine in which you just have to enter your keyword in relation to your business and what your customers might also search. The tool will then create a report for you that will have a tree of topics which will further include real searched topics, trending search queries which are commonly searched in accordance to your keyword.


Tool 4 – Free Digital Marketing Tools


 Local search listing management —Moz Local

What if you were working all hard to get your website ranked at a good but after doing whatever you could do, you found that your business isn’t listed correctly. It would all be wasted and this is where the website helps you in getting your business listed correctly and consistently maintains this on the main aggregator site like Google, Yelp, Bing etc.

This is a very effective tool that will help you increase competitiveness in your market also being free it is used widely. Moz also provides many other things as mentioned below-

  • Suggestions for On page and off page Search Engine Optimization
  • Competitors analysis reports
  • Number of website crawls
  • Organic rank on major sites
  • Keyword value like search volume and competitiveness
  • An account of all inbound and outbound links to the website
top free digital marketing tools

Tool 5 – Free Digital Marketing Tools

 Social media marketing — Hootsuite

Social media marketing is nowadays the best way to make brand awareness and creating a brand name. It also helps in making your huge website family and audience over social media platforms.

If you are running your startup and are on every social media platform possible then you must be aware of the amount of time it takes in researching, making a post, rechecking them and posting and scheduling further posts. This will not include your engagement and reach of audience.

Hootsuite helps you in many ways it integrates all your social media platforms so that you go at all in once. The website also provides a simple guided tour through which you can navigate through the pages and search what you want.

Although there are some limits to basic for further most advancements one will have to pay but these basics include the following mentioned below-

  • Publish posts
  • Schedule posts
  • Keep a check or monitor your feeds
  • Like, comment and share posts
  • Basic insights
Top free digital marketing tools, Name of Top 6 free digital marketing tools , digital marketing tools , free digital marketing tools , Top digital marketing tools

Tool 6 – Free Digital Marketing Tools

 A fermium Analytics Service from Google – Google Analytics

Top free digital marketing tools, Name of Top 6 free digital marketing tools , digital marketing tools , free digital marketing tools , Top digital marketing tools

This how the start screen of the Google Analytics will seem to you. What you basically have to do in this is just sign up with your G-mail Id and then the Google will provide you with a tracking code that you can add in the source code of your website. This will help in tracking the type of audience that comes to your website and also helps in gathering insights about them. There are many insights that Google can help with some of which is as mentioned below-

1.     It can help with the active current users.

2.     The locations from where your audience is coming thus you can also see from where the maximum of your audience is coming.

3.     Check when the time when the traffic on your website was maximized.

Other than this Google Analytics can help along with generating a monthly or by the weekly report for your website traffic data and conversion rate. It is a free tool thus is also having its limitations. There are many other analytics tools that offer much more than Google Analytics but then they are not free. This tool is mainly used in small business but can add great value if used in a proper manner and sense.

Well the above mentioned are some of the best free and most effective and commonly used free tools.


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