What are the Names of Hindi Months?

Posted on May 17th, 2021

Months Names in Hindi

What are the Names of Hindi Months?

 12 Months Names in Hindi – English

The lunar eclipse determines the Hindu months. There are two Paksha in each Hindi month: Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Paksha is the Hindu lunar calendar’s term for a fortnight or lunar period in a month. Shukla Paksha begins on the dark Moon’s day, which is known as Amavasya/Amavash, and ends before the full Moon. Krishna Paksha begins on the day of the Full Moon, known as Purnima/Purnamashi, and ends just before Amavasya.

Hindi Months (हिंदी & अंग्रेज़ी महीनों के नाम)

Months Name English Days English Months Name
बैसाख Vaisākha 31 दिन अप्रैल-मई (April–May)
जयेष्ट Jyeshta 31 दिन मई-जून (May–June)
अषाढ़ Āshāda 31 दिन जून-जुलाई (June–July)
श्रावण Shraavana 31 दिन जुलाई-अगस्त (July–August)
भाद्रपद Bhādra 31 दिन अगस्त-सितंबर (August–September)
अश्विन Ashwina 30 दिन सितंबर-अक्टूबर (September–October)
कार्तिक Kartika 30 दिन अक्टूबर-नवंबर (October–November)
अग्रहायण/अगहन Agrahayana 30 दिन नवंबर-दिसंबर (November–December)
पौष Pausha 30 दिन दिसंबर-जनवरी (December–January)
माघ Māgha 30 दिन जनवरी-फ़रवरी (January–February)
फाल्गुन Phālguna 30 दिन फ़रवरी-मार्च (February–March)
चैत्र Chaitra 30* दिन मार्च-अप्रैल (March–April)



Chaitra will be for 31 Days in the Leap Years.



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