What are the main steps to be taken to become the Winner?

The main steps to be taken to become the Winner,hard work

What are the main steps to be taken to become the Winner?

Is it always about hard work?

When I was a little girl, my parents told me that life is a race. Working hard takes a lot of effort but the feeling of failure is worse. And I spent my entire childhood believing that winners are those who work hard dedicatedly with full commitment.  And in order to come first in any stream of life, I focused only on my work.

To be honest, it did get me results. I could see myself improving and becoming a better person.

But as I started growing up, I started noticing my friends putting in lesser efforts than I ever did and still performing better than me. This baffled me and many questions starting rattling my mind.

1. What is the secret ingredient to becoming a winner?

2. Is it not just hard work?

3. Is it something added to hard work?

These questions confused me.

But after years of questioning and observing things eventually, I figured it out and below is my summary of activities to be done to be a winner.

Work Smartly: The secret ingredient to becoming a winner is the combination of hard work and smart work. Efforts are important, but knowing smartly where to put in all your efforts makes all the difference. Well, if you had 6 hours to chop down a tree, a smart person would spend 4 hours sharpening the axe. Smart work is about figuring out how much hard work is needed when where and how. Once you combine them both, you are going to do wonders. Smart work is about looking into yourself and taking out the time to list down your strengths and weaknesses. Introspect to use your positives in your favour and learn to work upon your negatives.  Then work hard upon the improvement list made.

Thinking out of the box: Everyone follows a fixed path and actions while leading life. It’s said that doing a lot of common things will not take you anywhere but doing a few things differently will make all the difference.  Thinking smart is about thinking outside the box for fresh and new ideas to work productively and effectively in far less time.

Master your weaknesses: Once you’ve worked upon yourself and have mastered your weaknesses, smart work would involve knowing your opponent.  Before going into a competition, you must carefully analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent.  These weaknesses can be used against your opponent to win the game. This is what is called smart work using their negative points as your strengths to flip the game in your favour. This will improve your observation skills and will also keep you aware of what’s happening around you.

Stay Calm: After this is done, the next smart move would be to always maintain your calm and composure. You should have very high patience levels. Wait for your opponent to lose his calm and make some mistake. The moment he does that, take advantage of his mistake and show your strength to win over him. Even though you’ve worked hard and smartly, maintaining full calmness and alertness during the game of life is very important. Remember one mistake of yours can cost you losing the game. So be careful while you perform as the opponents are always watching you and your weaknesses.

Stop Complaining: Learning to stop complaining in life about the results is another important skill which you must have. Just work hard and work smart. And you’ll see yourself improving. Follow your heart and master your passion without waiting for results. They will automatically come at the right time without you going after them.

You should know that being a winner is not an over-night thing. Well, now you know the secret ingredients to lead a successful life. I hope you will use them wisely and efficiently. I hope it helps you to lead a happy and successful life.

The writer of this article is Maitreyi who is an engineer from Delhi Technical University.

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You must know Importance of sports / Why Sports important ? what is sports ? The main steps to be taken to become the Winner,hard work The main steps to be taken to become the Winner,hard work The main steps to be taken to become the Winner,hard work The main steps to be taken to become the Winner,hard workThe main steps to be taken to become the Winner,hard work

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