What are the Jobs in Digital Marketing? Top Job Name with Profile

Jobs in Digital marketing
Jobs in Digital marketing

What Jobs are there in Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is a hot topic among job seekers. In this blog, we are going to discuss Jobs in Digital marketing, and Job profiles.

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or services using electronic devices mainly on the Internet. Being reliable, cost-effective, influential, and backed by data makes digital marketing is a good marketing tool. Low coast internet and Smartphone has helped the world to get digitalized very fast. As more and more digitalization is happening around the world, the potential customer’s presence is increasing rapidly on Digital platforms. This is helping in increasing demand for Digital Marketing professionals.

There is a huge demand for Digital Marketing Professionals. Whether it is a corporate company or a multinational company or a small company all of them require Digital Marketing professionals.


Job scope in Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a vast field and has different types of Jobs Profiles. The job profiles are created based on the Digital Channels to work on, Roles, and responsibilities. Some Jobs are related to content creation, some are related to content marketing and some are related to engagement of people through marketing channels. Digital Marketing Intern, Digital Marketing Executive, SEO Executive, SEO Manager, Online Reputation Executive, Content Marketing Executive, Social Media Specialist, PPC Manager, Email Marketing Manager, Web Analyst, Content writer, Analytics Manager, Digital Marketing Head, Graphics Designer, Web Developer/Designer, Video Editor, etc. are some of the job profiles in Digital Marketing. We are going to discuss a few Popular Jobs in Digital marketing in detail.


What does a Digital Marketing Executive do and what is his responsibility and who can apply for a Digital Marketing Executive job role?

Digital Marketing Executive: Digital Marketing Executive is a very important Job profile in a company. As a Digital Marketing Executive, you will need to be part of planning, developing, implementing, and optimizing the company’s digital marketing efforts. You will need to promote the company product or services on Different digital channels or Channels assigned.

For applying for the Digital Marketing Executive job you must have Good verbal and written communication skills, Knowledge and Experience with SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ad Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and experience with marketing automation tools.



  1. Optimizing web pages based on Search engine algorithm, and performing various activities relating to Search Engine Optimization regularly
  2. Planning and running a Marketing campaign on Search engines and social Media
  3. Promoting the company’s products/services on different digital Platforms
  4. Exploring different digital marketing channels and the internet to reach potential customers and generate leads and sales.
  5. Planning marketing activity to retain existing customers and generate sales from them
  6. Providing useful insight by going through various analytics tools for the improvement of campaign or promotion strategies


What does an SEO manager do and what are his responsibilities and who can apply for the SEO manager job role?

SEO Manager: As an SEO Manager, you will be responsible for SEO activity and managing the SEO Team. You will help optimize the company’s website, social media pages, and other content efforts. You will be working on on-page and off-page SEO activity. You will need to research keywords, suggest high traffic giving words which can help in generating traffic of potential customer, give insight that will help other members of the digital marketing team to create an effective marketing strategy

To apply for the SEO manager job you must have knowledge and experience of SEO(On-page and Off-page ), Knowledge of HTML/WordPress, good knowledge of WebMaster/Search console tools, strong knowledge of analytics platforms like Google Analytics



  1. Conduct regular keyword research using Keyword Analysis tools
  2. Optimize Web pages as per search engine Algorithms
  3. Work with the content team to ensure implementation of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO best practices
  4. Researching, planning, and implementing link-building strategies to create high-quality backlinks.
  5. Suggest SEO improvement activity and identify SEO trends and insights.
  6. Using Google Analytics to create performance reports regularly.
  7. Assisting content writers in creating a blog and other content.
  8. Review and analyze web sites for improvement


What does a Content Writer do and what is his or her responsibility and who can apply for a Content Writer’s role?

Content Writer: A Content Writer’s job is to enrich websites, social media with new content. A content writer also writes blog posts and writes marketing copies. A content writer’s responsibilities involve researching industry-related topics, producing ideas for new content, and proofing blogs/content before publication.

You can apply for a content writer job if you have good experience in content writing and have excellent writing and editing skills in the English language. Knowledge of SEO and other Digital Marketing channels is generally mandatory for this job


  1. Research industry-related topics
  2. Proofread and edit blog posts/Ads content before publication
  3. Create new content to assist marketing campaigns
  4. Use high traffic relevant keywords and SEO guidelines to increase website traffic
  5. Identify customers’ demands and gaps in our content and suggest new topics
  6. Knowledge of search engine optimization best practices


What does Social Media Marketing Executive do and what are his or her responsibilities and who can apply for a Social Media Marketing Executive’s role?

Social Media Marketing Executive: Social media marketing executive manages all/assigned social media channels and is responsible for enhancing the company’s social media presence. Their role is to work with the content team to create engaging and optimizing content for social media channels. They are also responsible for running effective paid campaigns on social media and engaging with the customers on social media.

You can apply for a Social Media Marketing Executive job if you have excellent writing and editing skills in the English language, and have the necessary knowledge and experience working on various social media channels. You should also have the skill to engage with the audience and generate leads through positive word of mouth. Your resume will have weightage if you have done a certificate or degree course in social media marketing.


  1. Create a social media marketing strategy
  2. Promote the brand and its product /services on social media
  3. Do competitive analysis and audience research and utilize the data for optimizing content and social channel.
  4. Optimize social media platforms to increase the company’s social content visibility.
  5. Increase audience engagement, website traffic, and generate leads and sales through social media


What does a PPC Manager do and what is his responsibility and who can apply for the PPC Manager’s role?

PPC Manager: A PPC Manager is responsible for planning, running, and optimizing PPC campaigns. Pay-per-click (PPC) Manager runs a paid advertising campaign, usually on search engines like Google through Google Ads and Bing using the Bing Ads platform.

You can apply for the PPC Manager’s role if you have good knowledge and experience of running a campaign on PPC Platforms like Google ads, Bing ads, etc. You must have an analytical mind and get good insight from analyzing campaign data. Excellent content writing (generally in English) is needed for writing, optimizing ad copy, and landing pages.


  1. Frequent Keyword research to find the most effective keywords for the campaign
  2. Create, Run and optimize PPC campaigns
  3. Optimize ads campaign using best keyword selection and audience targeting
  4. Monitor campaign budget and adjust bids to gain better ROI
  5. Generate performance reports
  6. Helping UI/UX team in the design Landing page as per PPC platform guidelines
  7. Write engaging ad copy.
  8. Help in creating new campaigns across multiple PPC channels


What does an Email Marketing Manager do and what is his or her responsibility and who can apply for the Email Marketing Manager’s role?

Email Marketing Manager: Email Marketing Manager is responsible for the company’s email marketing strategies. He plans, develops, implements, and optimizes campaigns based on campaign types, audience, analytic data, and feedback.

You can apply for the Email Marketing Manager’s role if you have a good knowledge of email marketing software’s/tools like MailChimp, Sendinblue, Omnisend, etc., and know about Graphic Designing and HTML. You must have an analytical mind and get good insight from analyzing campaign data and optimizing campaigns based on its insight


  1. Plan and implement the email marketing strategy
  2. Create various types of email lists and design email campaigns
  3. Plan actions to Increase email subscriptions
  4. Analyze campaign data to get insights for campaign improvement
  5. Generate traffic, leads, and sells through emails campaigns


What do Web Analytics Specialists do and what are their responsibilities and who can apply for a Web Analytics Specialists’ role?

Web Analytics Specialists: A Web Analytics Specialists or Digital Analysts, Web Analysts is a key digital marketing role in an organization. His job is to analyze data to optimize paid and organic marketing efforts. His feedback helps the content team, Ui/UX team, and marketing team to improve the website’s design which ultimately helps in increasing page views, improving the user experience, and converting more visitors into customers.

You can apply for a Web Analytics Specialist role if you have knowledge and experience of working on analytic tools and webmasters tools like Google Analytics, Google Search console, etc. you must know about Website design/development and knowledge of SEO and PPC. You must have an analytical mind and get good insight from analyzing these tools data and optimizing marketing campaign based on its insight


  1. Developing marketing campaign measurement strategies.
  2. Developing and presenting learning from your analytic tool data.
  3. Suggesting actionable insights and recommendations by analyzing digital marketing data.
  4. Suggesting and helping in website traffic data.
  5. Using Web Traffic analysis data to plan campaign and website improvement.
  6. Creating campaign and website performance reports.
  7. Helping with data insight to improve campaigns.

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The ultimate aim of all these digital marketing job profiles is to develop a strong and innovative digital marketing strategy using digital marketing channels like PPC, SEO, SEM, Email marketing, etc to attract traffic to the business website, increase awareness about their products and services and generate online sales or lead.

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