What are the Challenges to Democracy? Class 10 Social Science

Challenges to Democracy Class 10 Social Science

Challenges to Democracy | Class 10 Social Science

What are the Challenges to Democracy? Class 10 Social Science

In this article, we will discuss What are the Challenges to Democracy? out of Class 10 Social science

A challenge can be defined as a difficulty that carries within it an opportunity of progress. After overcoming a challenge we can reach a higher level than before.

A challenge is not just a problem. We only call those difficulties as a challenge that an overcomer. The major challenge our country is facing is the smooth working of the government.

Challenges to Democracy

  • Fundamental challenges–            

Different countries face different challenges. Democracy is the dominant form of government in the contemporary world. At least one-fourth of global is still not under the democratic government. The challenges for democracy in these parts of the world are very stark. These country faces fundamental challenges of making the transition to democracy and then instituting democratic government.

This involves bringing down the existing non-democratic regime and establishing a sovereign and functional state by keeping away the military from controlling the government. Example- Nepal is facing the fundamental challenge of democracy.

  • Challenge of Expansion

Most of the established countries face this challenge of expansion. The challenge involves applying the basic principle of democratic government across all the regions.

•    The challenge involves things like

•    Having greater power to local governments.

•    Involving federal principles to all the units of the federation.

•    The inclusion of women and minority groups etc.

Under this challenge, the less and less decision remained outside the arena of democratic government. Example – many countries like India and US face such a challenge.

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  • Deepening of democracy

The last challenge is the deepening of democracy which is faced by almost all the countries. This challenge involves the strengthening of the institutions and practices of democracy. It can only be done by making people realize their expectations of democracy. In different societies, an ordinary man has a different opinion of democracy.

The above challenges depend on the social stage of development of a country. There is no prescribed way to overcome these challenges.

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