What are the Advantages of Using Twitter for Marketing? Types of Users Available on Twitter

Advantages of Using Twitter for Marketing and  Types of Users Available on Twitter
Advantages of Using Twitter for Marketing

What are the Advantages of Using Twitter for Marketing?  Types of Users Available on Twitter


Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking site in which users post messages known as tweets and connect with each other. Registered users can upload, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read the comments given by registered users.

Tweets have a limit of up to 280 characters and can include links to relevant websites and resources. You can follow people and organisations with similar academic and personal interests.

You can create your own content that you want to tweet or you can retweet information that has been tweeted by others. Retweeting means that information can be shared quickly and effectively with a large number of people.


What are the types of users available on Twitter?

The Twitter users are categorized into six different classes, three of them are real-users and three belong to the virtual actors. They are described as follows:

i. Personal users: We consider personal users as casual home users who create their Twitter profile maybe for fun, learning, or to acquire news, etc. These users neither strongly advocate any type of business or product, nor are their profiles affiliated with any organization. Generally, they have a personal profile and show a low to mild behaviour in their social interaction.

ii. Professional users: They are home users with professional intent on Twitter. They share useful information about specific topics and involve in healthy discussions related to their area of interest and expertise. Professional users tend to be highly interactive; they follow many and are also followed by many.

iii. Business users: Business users are different than personal/professional users in that they follow a marketing and business agenda on Twitter. The profile description strongly depicts their motive and similar behaviour can be observed in their tweeting behaviour. Frequent tweeting, less interaction are two key factors that distinguish business users from both personal and professional users.

The next three classes of users are the virtual actors. Common features that these users share include highly frequent tweeting, no or less interactivity, and mostly their followers either increase (e.g., in case of feed/news users) or decrease (e.g., in case of spam users) over time.

i. Spam users: Spammers mostly post malicious tweets at a high rate. Mostly, automated computer programs (bots) run behind a spam profile, and randomly follow users, expecting a few users to follow back. Sometimes, personal users can also behave as spammer, but often they do not get caught because their spamming behaviour do not follow a pattern, which can be easily seen in case of an automated spam profile. Moreover, followers decrease over time for spam users.

ii. Feed/news: These profile types represent automated services that post tweets with information taken from news websites such as CNN, BBC, etc., or from different RSS feeds. Like spammers, often tweets posting by these profiles are controlled by bots. The key difference between spammers and these profiles is the increase in followers count over time.

iii. Viral/Marketing Services: Viral marketing or advertising refer to the marketing techniques that marketers use with the help of technologies/social networks to increase their brand awareness, sale, or to achieve other marketing objectives. People use a viral process, which is an advanced type of bot (i.e., an intelligent bot that spreads information also produces fake likes, followers, etc.), to accomplish their marketing needs and tasks.


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What are the advantages of using Twitter for marketing?

As one of the biggest social media platforms, one cannot ignore the benefits of Twitter. Many business owners do not realise the benefits of marketing through Twitter. They are as follows:

Market Research

Twitter is a place where users share their opinions and disseminate timely news and memes. From a marketing standpoint, Twitter’s social ecosystem enables business owners to listen to consumer expectations and leverage that information to create relevant and engaging content for their audience.

Brevity with Messaging

Twitter is an effective marketing tool because its brevity is powerful. FaceBook allows the space for long-winded posts, which risks in losing some readers whereas Twitter the rule of 140 characters per tweet keeps messaging digestible.

Twitter forces you to whittle your messaging down to only what you need to say. It is short and sweet but has to be done with careful editing to make the message powerful and terse.

Website Traffic

Twitter is a perfect place to promote your blog posts, product updates, public press releases, and more. By including links in your Tweets to your website pages, you can increase traffic leads right to the doorstep of your website.

In addition to the above benefits of marketing on Twitter, there are several other features that make it a better tool for your business. They include:

Flexibility: Marketing on Twitter is free and you can decide what kind of content you want to promote on your Twitter feed, and what kind of audience you want to attract to the platform.

Ease of Access: Another reason to do marketing on Twitter is it’s easy to access. Your target audience doesn’t need to have a Twitter account to access your Twitter profile and content. Twitter is a public form of social media, plain and simple.

Relevance: Twitter’s algorithm focuses heavily on timeliness and influence, which provides more opportunities for real-time marketing.

Advertising: As in Facebook and InstagramTwitter also supports advertising/marketing, through promoted tweets, accounts, and trends.

Analytics: Twitter provides clear analytics for impressions and interactions with your tweets so that you can track your activity.

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