What are Road Safety Rules and Traffic Signs in India?

Road Safety Rules and Traffic signs

What are Road Safety Rules and Traffic Signs in India?

Highways and transport have become an important part of every human being in today’s world. Anybody in one form or the other is a road user. The new transport method has reduced the distances but has increased the risk of life on the other side. Road accidents every year result in the loss of lakhs of lives and serious injury to crores of individuals.

About 1.3 million people die on roads around the world, and 20-50 million people are injured every year. In all age groups, road traffic accidents are a major cause of death and the leading cause of death for children aged 5-29 years and young adults. In low-income countries, the probability of dying in a road traffic accident is more than 3 times greater than in high-income countries.

Around eighty thousand people are killed each year in road accidents in India itself, which is thirteen percent of the worldwide overall fatality. In the majority of collisions, the man behind the wheel plays an important part. In most situations, accidents occur either due to carelessness or because of a road user’s lack of knowledge of road safety.



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What is road safety?

Road safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent the killing or serious injury of road users. Typical road users include pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, passengers in vehicles, horse riders, and on-road public transport passengers.

Road Safety
Road Safety

Road safety applies to the steps taken to minimize the risk of injury and death from road traffic. Through intersectional cooperation and partnership, many countries are working to strengthen their laws in the field of road safety, creating a safer, and more open, and sustainable environment for transport systems.

Why is road safety important?

It is very important to be aware that road traffic injuries remain an important public health problem. When road safety products are utilized correctly or efficiently, they can help save lives, prevent accidents and injuries, and keep a society functioning in the most optimal way.


What is the basic element of road safety?

For everybody, the first and foremost part of road safety is to understand the signals. Before leaving a kid’s home, parents and teachers should make sure that they are aware of all the basic road safety signs.

Everyone needs to be mindful of traffic signs and road rules. Traffic signs can provide you with vital details that can ensure your safety and the safety of those around you and can reduce the chances of accidents by being mindful of road rules.


What is the relevance of traffic signs?

Traffic signs provide us with vital guidelines and updates on road conditions. They not only assist in the smooth flow of traffic but also direct and alert individuals to how they should act when on the roads. Naturally, drivers who are pre-informed about entry, exit, turns and other road conditions by means of traffic signs make less errors and reactions.

In India, any driving license applicant must be familiar with road safety signs and traffic signals. In order to get a driving license, they need to go through a written/oral examination. Road signs are placed with the following objectives:

i. Road signs guide drivers to take the correct lanes in order to prevent blockages created by sudden turns.

ii. Road signs provide crucial details on critical junctions and curves, speed limits, and nearby hospitals or schools so that drivers can change their pace accordingly.

iii. Road signs inform owners of vehicles regarding available/restricted parking areas, points of entry and exit, and more.

iv. Road signs ensure road discipline by enforcing lane discipline and regulations on overtaking.

v. Road signs keep the motorists informed about directions to take, possible hazards ahead, and highway rules to follow.

In recent years, law enforcement and government officials have emphasized that tighter guidelines are in effect when it comes to the issuing of driving licenses and the imposition of fines for traffic violations. Cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and others have significant issues with the enforcement of traffic laws.


What are mandatory road signs?

Mandatory road signs ensure the free flow of road traffic and make motorists and pedestrians aware of the regulations, laws, and prohibitions when using the roads. Violation of mandatory traffic signs is an offense under the legislation. Some examples of mandatory traffic signs include traffic signs such as ‘One Way’,’ No Entry’ and ‘Overtaking Prohibited’.

traffic signs
traffic signs


What are cautionary traffic signs?

The cautionary traffic signs alert road users of possible road hazards and hazards in advance. It allows drivers when going forward to be mentally prepared for any challenges and bottlenecks. Some examples of cautionary traffic signs are ‘Steep Ascent’,’ School Ahead’,’ Narrow Path’, and ‘Dangerous Dip.’

cautionary traffic signs
cautionary traffic signs


What are informatory traffic signs?

Informatory traffic signs assist road users with information on directions, lengths, destinations, alternate routes, and important places such as schools, hospitals, public toilets, etc. Right-Hand Curve, Pedestrian Crossing, Cattle, and more are some of the examples.

informatory traffic signs
informatory traffic signs

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