What are properties of Soil? Important Chapter Soil Class 7 Science

Properties of Soil  science

What are properties of Soil? Class 7 Science

In this article, we will discuss ‘Properties of Soil’ from chapter ‘Soil’ out for Class 7 Science.

 Percolation rate of water in the soil

  • Percolation is the property of absorption of water by soil.
  • If we pour a bottle of water on the floor and another bottle of water in the soil, the water on the floor will flow down but water in the soil will be absorbed.
  • The percolation rate is the amount of water absorbed by any soil at any given time.
  • Formula for calculating percolation rate is,

       Percolation rate (ml/min) = amount of water (ml) / percolation time (min).

  • For example, If 200 ml of water is percolated through the soil sample in 40 min. Calculate the rate of percolation.

Solution – Rate of percolation is = amount of water (ml)/ percolation time (min)

= 200 ml/ 40 min

= 5 ml/ min

Ans- The rate of percolation is 5 ml/ min.

Moisture in soil

  • Moisture is the amount of water present in the soil.
  • During summer, the water content in the soil evaporates and moves up which reflect the sunlight, thus the air above soil seems to shimmer.

Absorption of water by soil

  • Different soil samples absorb water to different
  • The absorption of water by different soil can find out by taking 50g of different soil samples.
  • Pour the soil into different funnels placed in different beakers and pour water in the soil with the help of measuring cylinders.
  • Continue pouring until it starts dripping.
  • Now, check the amount of water left in the measuring cylinder and subtract it from the initial amount which was taken.
  • The resulted amount of water is retained by the soil.
  • The formula to calculate the percentage of water absorbed is
  • Percentage of water absorbed = {(U-V)/50} X 100,        50g is the amount of water absorbed.

U is the initial volume of

V is the final volume of water (ml)

Properties of Soil  science

Fig. A beaker with a funnel

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 Soil and Crops

  • Crops in the soil are affected by the type of soil and also the climatic factors.
  • Climatic factors such as rain, humidity, temperature, wind bring some changes in the structure of soil and hence affect the vegetation.
  • For example-

Wheat and gram require clayey and loamy soil for growth.

Properties of Soil  science


Fig. Wheatfield

Rye grows in sandy loam.

Properties of Soil  science


Fig. Rye cultivation in sandy loam soil

Paddy requires clayey and soil rich in organic matter which has a good water retention property.

Properties of Soil  science

Fig. paddy field

Loamy soils are required to cultivate lentils and other pulses.

Properties of Soil  science

Fig. Lentils

Sandy loam soils which can hold a large amount of water are ideal for the cultivation of cotton, potato, asparagus.

properties of Soil  science

Fig. Cotton, potato, asparagus cultivation in sandy loam soils

Clayey soils are rich in humus and very fertile and hence ideal for the growth of rose, wheat.

Properties of Soil  science

Fig. Rose cultivation

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