What are Democracy Rights? – CBSE Class 9 Social Science

Democracy Rights,Class 9 Social Science
Democracy Rights

What are Democracy Rights? – CBSE Class 9 Social Science

 Online Class 9 Social Science – RIGHTS

It is a reasonable claim of a person which is recognized by law and society. The definition of right changes from one society to other and from a period to different period.

Need of rights in a democracy

Rights protect the right of the minorities against the majority. It is necessary for the very existence of democracy. Every citizen has the right to participate in the democratic process and can be a part of a democratic government.

Rights in the Indian Constitution

Fundamental Rights

The rights which are fundamental to our life are fundamental rights.

Fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of India are as follows

Rights to equality

Under right to equality, every individual has equal access to public areas and public facilities like a temple, bathing ghats, roads, public toilet etc.

Every person gets equal opportunity to compete for public jobs like civil, service, defense etc. similarly physically disables are given equal reservation in government jobs.

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Right to Freedom

It refers to the freedom to do whatever you want to do, without any interference, especially by the government. It includes following rights like

Freedom of speech and expression- each person can express his views from different means one cannot recite others to rebel in the country.

Freedom of assembly in peaceful manner-a person or group ofperson can hold a public meeting without violent.

Freedom to form association and unions- to promote the cause of worker, businessmen, doctor, lawyer etc can form their association topromote their cause.

Freedom to move to or reside in any part of the country- each citizen has the right to travel or reside in any part of the country except Jammu and Kashmir.

Freedom to carry out any profession or business- One can choose any profession as per choice.

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Right against exploitation

It refers to three issues

  1. Traffic in human beings- human beings cannot be traded or be used as slaves.
  2. Bonded labour-if a person works without pay he/she is a beggar. If beggar continues for a long period of time then it is called bonded labor. The constitution hasbanned forced labor.
  3. Childlabor– child below 14 years of age cannot be employed in hazardous work likefactories, railway station etc.

Right to freedom of religion

The person is free to follow any religion of his or her choice. But a person cannot compel another person to agree with a particular religion by any means.

Cultural and Educational Right

Every minority group has the right to protect its unique culture and to propagate its unique culture. The minority group who wants to impart education in its own language can do so.

Right to constitutional remedies

 If a fundamental right is violated, the person can go to court where his grievancecan be addressed. A person can also file Public Interest Litigation.

Expanding the scope of the right

There is a drastic change seen since the constitution was written. There is a demand for many fundamental rights coming up from time to time. Many fundamental rights have been included like Right to education, Right to information etc.

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Democracy Rights - CBSE Class 9 Social Science Democracy Rights - CBSE Class 9 Social Science Democracy Rights - CBSE Class 9 Social Science Democracy Rights - CBSE Class 9 Social ScienceDemocracy Rights - CBSE Class 9 Social Science

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