What are Crops and Types of Crops? Cash Crops and Food Crops

What are Crops and Types of Crops?

What are Crops and Types of Crops? Cash Crops and Food Crops

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What are crops?

Crops are plants that are cultivated by farmers. In the Indian economy, agriculture plays a very important role. It’s our country’s backbone. For food and finance, 70% of the Indian population depends on agriculture. In rural areas, it is the main occupation. Crop cultivation mainly depends on the conditions of the weather and soil.

A crop is a plant or animal product that can be cultivated for benefit or subsistence and harvested extensively. In a more refined state, crops will either refer to the harvested components or to the harvest.

A crop is a plant which is cultivated on a large scale or grown. Crops are usually cultivated so that they can be sold commercially. In other words, a crop is any plant that is widely cultivated and harvested for benefit.


What are the types of crops?

types of crops
types of crops

Crops fall into six groups when used: food crops, feed crops, fiber crops, Kharif, Rabi, and cash crops. For human consumption, food crops, such as fruits and vegetables, are cultivated. The most common food crops in the world are grains, such as corn, wheat, and rice.


What are food crops?

Food crops are harvested for human consumption, such as fruit and vegetables. The world’s most common food crops are grains, such as maize, wheat, and rice. The first crops to be harvested through agriculture were food crops.

The first crops to be harvested through agriculture were food crops. The variety of other types of crops has been the result of agricultural production and the growth of civilizations.


What are feed crops?

Feed crops
Feed crops

Feed crops, such as oats and alfalfa are harvested for animal consumption. Such crops provide nutrients that must be produced by animals. They are grown in agricultural fields but they can also be found in natural meadows and pastures.


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What are forage crops?

forage crops
forage crops

Forage crops are significant in livestock farming. Forages, such as grasses, are directly eaten by livestock. Forages that are cut and fed to livestock are called green chop. As a green chop, alfalfa is a common crop fed to animals.

Some forages are cut and allowed to dry up and stored in the field. These are named crops for hay. Silage is another kind of forage crop. Silage crops are harvested and then stored in conditions that cause the forage to break down into acids (fermentation). For livestock such as cattle, the wet, acidic silage is fed.


What are feed crops?

Grain, barley, wheat, and oats are the major feed crops. Each of these crops has distinct characteristics that are more suitable than others for the diets of certain animals. Very frequently, barley, which is more difficult to digest, is fed to beef and dairy cattle since they have a hard, four-chambered stomach. Swine and poultry are fed hull-less barley, which is easier to digest.


What are fiber crops?

fibre crops
fiber crops

For textile and paper goods, fiber crops, such as cotton and hemp, are grown. Textiles, or fabric, are produced from some plants’ dried and processed fibers. Most of the fibers used to produce textiles are derived from plant stems or roots such as flax. To produce linen, flax is used.


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What is a cash crop?

Cash crops

A cash crop is an agricultural crop that is cultivated to be sold for profit. Usually, it is bought by parties apart from a farm. The term is used to distinguish marketed crops from subsistence crops that are fed to the livestock of the producer or grown as food for the family of the producer.

Mainly there are two major types of crops in India, Kharif, and Rabi in India.


What are Kharif crops?

Kahrif crops
Kharif crops

As the season coincides with the beginning of autumn or winter, the term “Kharif” means autumn in Arabic. As these crops are grown in the monsoon season, monsoon crops are another name for the Kharif crop.

In every state of the nation, the Kharif season varies but generally, it is from June to September. At the beginning of the monsoon season, the farmers seed the crop around June and harvest it. Rice, maize, bajra, ragi, soybean, groundnut, cotton are all examples of Kharif crops.


What are Rabi crops?

Rabi crops
Rabi crops

A word derived from Arabic, the name “Rabi” means “spring”.The crops grown and harvested in the spring during the winter season are called Rabi crops. Some of the Rabi cultures are wheat, gram, and mustard. In order to produce new crop varieties, various agricultural practices are carried out. For the germination and maturation of seeds, such crops need a hot environment.

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