Why Web 2.0 Submission is important in Off-Page SEO? 2020 …

Web 2.0 Submission; Off-Page SEO; Characteristics of Web 2.0; Features of Web 2.0; Web 2.0 Backlinks; List of Web 2.0 Websites
Web 2.0 Submission Off-Page SEO

Web 2.0 Submission Off-Page SEO

Web 2.0 describes a set of next-generation Intel and technology. As the name suggests, it is the protocol and tools which meant creating an online application with a dynamic perspective easier. It is highly social encouraging users of the web to manipulate content in different and better ways. The tools of web 2.0 are also less expensive than traditional web1.0 tools. All we need is a good browser and we can be part of Web 2.0.


What is Web 2.0?

It is known as the ‘Social Web’. This appeared in 2004-2005. Web 2.0 is known as the second generation of web-based development to facilitate communication, of different services and to ensure efficient collaboration on the world wide web. It was invented by Tim O’ Reilly.

Web 2.0 is the follow-up of the fourth generation of the web. Web 1.0 had limited technologies and all websites where static sites (HTML+CSS). Later with the introduction of web 2.0, side web built on the content management system, blogs, and forums.



Characteristics of web 2.0:

Unlike Web 1.0 private persons who are connected through Informational networks, social sites, blogs, forums, etc., Offers information is on babe. Earlier it was offered only by government mass media or private companies. Web 2.0 has wider and deeper networks. It allows creating Wikis, Blogs, content upload on social networking sites.

Web 2.0 includes all major self-publishing platforms like WordPress easy-to-use blog and website creation tools.

Tagging: It helps in labeling certain videos or photographs or websites in some fashion. Like button: It is a small saver button present in the post. Users can post data on web 2.0 easily and Web 2.0 provides control over those Data.


Key features of web 2.0 include:

i. It makes the web-based application more accessible

ii. More complex problems can be solved by a simple application.

iii. Contains are given more weightage instead of the software.

iv. The sharing of data is much easier.

v. The distribution system is bottom to top, not top to bottom.

vi. The tools are simple and both consumers and employees can access them.

vii. Web 2.0 has created a platform that has increased people in creating, collaborating and promoting information.



 Web 2.0 submission:


The domain authority and peach authority of web 2.0 sites are very high interested.

Therefore, if you post or create backlinks on search websites. It will automatically generate traffic for your websites.

There are a lot of websites designed for more user experience and personality, keeping in mind the SEO Perspective, this is known as web 2.0 submission.


Process of Web 2.0 submission:


i. New Gmail ID: one needs to use the new Gmail ID before submission. You can also use any Gmail ID which is not in use


ll. Create a blog on web 2.0 submission sites: You need to search all web 2.0 website, then, you need to create a blog when any of those websites such as blogger, Wiki-dot, Tumblr, etc.


iii. you need to be well aware of the Niche you’re going to use in the blog. You can create a blog using the same Gmail ID. You need to choose a good keyword for the blog. You can either purchase it or can also adjust the key was to free blogs. You can select from free, personal or premium. We need to activate by clicking on the activation link in Gmail.


iv. Create a unique blog: once the website is set up you will get an option to create a post of minimum 400 to 500 words and the interlinking must be between 2 to 3 posts. You can also add links to the post. The blog must be unique. Unique blogs avoid spamming which is bad for SEO.


v. Linking your website/web post: You need to add the various links in the post. Interlinking must be done between 2 to 3 posts. You can add links with the relevant post to the blog in the content and publish it. Once the post is successful, backlinks will be created to the websites. Web 2.0 offers search facilities by creating backlinks, where you can create new blogs with new content and interlink it with the website using backlinks according to your Niche


vii. Examples of web 2.0 sides are Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress, and bloggers. These are sites where you can create your site on their subdomain. Tumblr, WordPress, and blogger are sites where you can create your website on their domain.


Browse this video to learn about Web 2.0 Submission


What is web 2.0 for backlinking?


Web 2.0 blogs are very powerful in generating unique backlinks and boost your search engine rankings as most of the web 2.0 sides have high domain authority and page authority. wordpress.com is a domain authority 97, Tumblr has Domain authority 98 out of 100.


Why web 2.0 site is important for an SEO?


i. The domain authority all web 2.0 websites are high. Higher the domain authority, the higher is the ranking of the websites.

ii. Most of the web 2.0 websites are free and you can meet as many websites, as you want.

iii. Web 2.0 websites can boost your Page authority from 0 to 20 only by using few links.

iv. Web 2.0 websites also allow was to link as many websites with any anchor text of your choice.



 How to build Web 2.0 backlinks?

i. Firstly, you need the list of all Web 2.0 sites

ii. We need an email address.

iii. You need to create a few mandatory pages like About, Contact us, Privacy policy.

iv. You need to create articles/posts with 500+ word minimum.

v. It must be original, and you must be very aware of any kind of duplication.

vi. You need to write a relevant article for your target keywords. If your target keyword is on pages SEO, then it should be about on-page SEO not A general article on SEO.

vii. Keyword density: the article must contain keywords, around 1 to 3% in the whole article.

viii. One needs to see all login details, you are L, backlinks, all web 2.0 website login details in Excel


List of top WEB 2.0 websites:






















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