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Bank PO/Clerk Exam Vocabulary Skills Preparation | Vocabulary for Bank Exams

Bank PO/Clerk Exam Vocabulary Skills Preparation | Vocabulary for Bank Exams

Banking Classes : We are pleased to present Online classes for Banking the students preparing for SSC, IPBS or any other bank exam. The entire online bank coaching classes are divided into recorded lectures by experienced faculties, online mock test for IBPS Clerk , sample papers, notes and much more. In this article, we have taken   ‘ Vocabulary Skills ’ from English section. Following Vocabulary is important and explained in simple language so it is easy to understand by all.

Vocabulary Skills –  Vocabulary for Bank exams

Vocabulary Skills is one of the five pillars of reading comprehension which helps in solving them quickly. Therefore, in gaining good marks in RC passages, one should have a strong command over vocabulary. Also, straight forward questions are asked in SSC and Banking exams related to vocabulary. Here, in this article, we are covering some of the most important words with their meaning in alphabetical order from A-L.

Word Meaning


  • Ambush             to attack by surprise from a hidden place
  • Amputate          to cut (a part, such as a limb) from the body
  • Alleviate            make something less severe
  • Aggression        hostile or violent behavior
  • Abstemious      refraining from getting indulged in something


  • Burgeoning      increase rapidly
  • Blasphemy       the act of insulting or showing contempt for God
  • Batter               damaged by hard use


  • Clandestine     something that is kept secret
  • Confront          come face to face with
  • Coax                 persuade someone gradually or by flattery to do something
  • Catermeet the need
  • Churn out       to produce in large number
  • Connoisseura person who knows a lot about art

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  • Defunct           no longer existing/obsolete
  • Doctrine         Ideology
  • Devour to eat (something) hungrily or quickly
  • Dawdle to waste time
  • Dabbler          one not deeply engaged in something


  • Erroneous      not correct
  • Eradicateto    destroy completely
  • Entice             attract or tempt by offering pleasure
  • Envision         imagine as a future possibility



  • Exacerbate     to make worse
  • Fissure            an opening or crack
  • Foster              to encourage or promote
  • Fidelity            the quality of being faithful
  • Felicitation     an expression of good wishes, congratulation


  • Glimmer          shine faintly with a wavering light
  • Gloomy            melancholy or sadness
  • Gauche            Awkward or lacking in social graces

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  • Hamper             hinder or impede
  • Headwinds       an unknown situation
  • Horologist        a maker of clocks or watches
  • Herculean        having enormous strength or size
  • Holocaust         large scale destruction by the fire


  • Impeccable      perfect, free from fault or blame
  • Ineptitude        lack of skill or ability
  • Intellect            the ability to think and understand
  • Ironically         happening exactly opposite to what is expected
  • Impediment    a hindrance or obstruction
  • Juggle              to try to deal with two or more important things
  • Jibe                  a facetious or insulting remark
  • Kakistocracy  government run by the worst people
  • Kleptomania  obsession of stealing things
  • Lure                to attract
  • Latent            existing but not yet developed
  • Liberal           generous, Not strict
  • Lunatic         an insane person

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