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Vocabulary Skills For Alphabetical Order From M-Z

Online Banking SBI/IBPS/RRB/SSC Vocabulary Skills classes Order M-ZVocabulary Skills For Alphabetical Order From M-Z

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Vocabulary Skill

Vocabulary is one of the five pillars of reading comprehension which helps in solving them quickly. Therefore, in gaining good marks in RC passages, one should have a strong command over vocabulary. Also, straight forward questions are asked in SSC and banking exams related to vocabulary. Here, in this article, we are covering some of the most important words with their meaning in alphabetical order from M-Z.

Word Meaning – Vocabulary Skills


  • Munificence                       great generosity
  • Merry                                  cheerful, happy
  • Mitigate                              to lessen
  • Manifold                            many and various
  • Morass                               A complicated and confusing situation


  • Notion                               a conception or belief
  • Nurture                             to help the growth or development


  • Offset                                counteract something by having an opposing force or effect
  • Omniscient                      knowing every thing
  • Outcry                              protest
  • Proliferation                   rapid increase in number
  • Prosperity                       the state of being prosperous
  • Plight                               a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation
  • Prune                               the act of making something smaller by removing parts
  • Philanthropist               One who works for the welfare of mankind
  • Potable                            fit for drinking

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  • Quagmire                      a situation that is hard to deal with


  • Renounce                     to give up by formal declaration
  • Refute                           disprove
  • Rapport                        a friendly relationship in which people understand each other very well
  • Rejuvenation               more lively or more modern
  • Rhetoric                        the art of speaking effectively
  • Status                            the situation as it is now, or as it was before a recentchange
  • Slander                         to make a false and damaging statement against someone
  • Squander                     to spend extravagantly
  • Superstition                a belief that is based on fear of the unknown and faithin magic
  • Spurious                      false/although seeming to be genuine

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  • Tangible                      that you can touch and feel
  • Truant                         a person who neglects his or her duty
  • Temperate                  showing moderation or self-restraint
  • Urologist                     specialist of urinary system
  • Viability                      the fact that something can be done and can be successful
  • Vagabond                   a person who wanders from place to place without a home/job
  • Virtuous                     morally excellent
  • Vituperative              criticizing in a cruel and angry way
  • Wanderer                  a person who travels aimlessly
  • Wailinga                    cry of pain, grief, or anger
  • Xenophobia              intense or irritational dislike or fear

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August 4, 2017

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