Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses Providers & Training Programs in India

top 5 digital marketing courses in India and Training Programs, Digital Marketing Course Providers

 Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses Providers in India

Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses Providers in India – Marketing is a huge phenomenon, traditional and digital marketing are subparts of this. Marketing keeps changing its form from one to another. If we look a few years back, no one had even heard of digital marketing and never ever thought that the world market would be shifted to online. But if we look at the current market scenario, we can predict digital marketing will be essential for every business.


Digital Marketing as discussed above is another form of marketing it is an umbrella under which all the online marketing ways, tactics, and experiments also come. Digital marketing course includes the following modules as mentioned below-

As per the current scenario of the market, Digital Marketing is the hot topic in terms of jobs and business growth. Those who are providing digital marketing course in the market are as lifesavers to the students who want to learn digital marketing. This is the reason that almost everyone who even tends to have somewhat knowledge of digital marketing is running a Digital Marketing Institute.

But many questions arise in our mind such as mentioned below:

  • Whether these Digital Marketing Institutes are really providing something different?
  • How will pursuing digital marketing course will benefit us?
    • Will digital marketing courses cover all the aspects in the industry needed?
    • Whether to take digital marketing online course or not?

There are many digital marketing Institutes but how to decide which one is best suited for you according to your requirements and needs. This article will take you through this confusion and will also let you choose which is best according to your needs and requirements. Thus below mentioned are the institutes which are currently running top in the field of Digital marketing education provider


Let’s have a look on Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Programs in India : 


  1. Takshila Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Takshila Learning has been providing digital marketing online course since this field began to took pace in the industry. Trained 1000+ students from all over the world to achieve their dream career. Being an online education company takshila learning has its own qualified professional digital marketing team for ranking its website at a good position in all the scenarios required.  Apart from this having IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) passed out professionally trained faculty for digital marketing who will be assisting in industrial knowledge.

Working with the motto of “Rejuvenating Education” takshila learning tend to provide digital marketing certification course in 3 modules-

  1. Basic digital marketing course
  2. Intermediate digital marketing course
  3. Advanced digital marketing course

Above mentioned modules are suited from beginner to trained professionals, having pricing range from 10,000 for basic, 20,000 for intermediate and 30,000 for advanced digital marketing online course The best thing one could get over here is-

  • Affordable fee amount
  • Free pdf guides
  • No traveling expenses
  • One Year validity of course
  • Certificate ( after the examination)
  • Active doubt session
  • Chat support with faculty
  • Call support
  • Practical sessions
  • Live sessions
  • Freely updated content for one year (If there something new in the field we will provide that knowledge for free.)


This organization offers digital marketing online course in Hindi as well as in English. For further information and a free demo, lectures click here. Takshila Learning also provides internship to those who pursue the course from them but only after an exam and an interview.


  1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is an Organization since 2009 and has been providing digital marketing online courses along with this digital vidya tends to provide guides, books, corporate training with offering up to 4  training modules mentioned below-

  1. Digital marketing certification course
  2. Specialised digital marketing course
  3. Data analytics certification course
  4. Big data Hadoop course

Apart from this digital vidya has listed their core modules on their website and their course fee which includes the certification fee is 49,900+ 18%(GST).


  1. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)


Delhi school of internet marketing more profoundly known as DSIM was established in 2011 and is since than providing digital marketing courses both online and in live classes.

They came at the time when digital marketing as an industry was about to boom up. Apart from this DSIM also provide books, pdf, and corporate training sessions. DSIM has been trademarked under Kixx Media Pvt Ltd which is also a digital agency which provides online digital marketing services. Apart from this as listed on their website they say that they have merged 4 courses(36 modules) in one which names as “Master digital marketing course”. This course covers all their modules.

This includes all their certificates and every kind of support if they will be providing which is having a fee of 66,460+ 18%(GST).


  1. Upgrade


The upgrade is an online higher education platform that is providing with many governments certification program courses with student support. Established in 2012 this organization provides postgraduate digital marketing certification course. As listed on their website their vision is to empower individuals to reach their full professional potential.

Their digital marketing program includes 3 modules as listed below-

  1. PG Certification in digital marketing worth 79,500+ 18%(GST)
  2. Executive Program in strategic digital marketing worth 99,750 +18%(GST)
  3. PG Program in management. worth 1,44,500 +18%(GST)

Apart from this, their course includes MICA Certification as they are associated with it.


  1. National Institute of Information and Technology (NIIT)


National Institute of Information and Technology commonly known as NIIT FOUNDED IN 1981 is both an online and offline education providing platform which tends to offer many other courses worldwide. Their main business run in three main domains which are as mentioned-

  1. Corporate Learning Group (CLG)
  2. Skills and Careers Group (SNC)
  3. School Learning Group (SLG).

Not being a specialist in Digital Marketing NIIT has not any transparent pricing and no online learning but being an exclusive digital marketing training company there are many drawbacks in their digital marketing course program.


All of the top digital marketing courses according to our analysis are as mentioned above. All the digital marketing course providers are good in their own way none of them is bad. But one thing which needs to keep in mind is that the certifications for which most of the institutes are charging are available online for free. The only thing needed to get those certificates is knowledge. Also one will have to look on to their budget.


Happy Learning.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Programs in India Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Programs in India Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Programs in India Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Programs in IndiaTop 5 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Programs in India

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