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Top 5 E-Learning Portals : Takshila Learning , BYJUS , Meritnation, Vedantu, Extramarks

Top 5 E-Learning Portals : Takshila Learining , BYJUS , Meritnation, Vedantu, ExtramarksToday, there are many online education portals which are providing educational courses. Online education is a very big market. Out of these portals, only few are really providing quality education and fewer are those who tend to provide services along with online education.After taking an educational course the biggest thing that matters to a student is the ‘after sales support’ and services which the online education organization or faculties provide. On the basis of quality education and after-sales support services, following is a list of the top online education providers.

Top 5 E-Learning Portals : Takshila Learning , BYJUS , Meritnation, Vedantu, Extramarks

Takshila Learning Pvt. Ltd 

Takshila Learning is steadily growing online education portal.Starting from CS and CA preparation, Takshila Learning is now providing quality coaching for all school courses and many competitive exams. Following are the unique services that Takshila Learning offers:

Excellent Video Content (Recorded/Animated)

  • Access content online or offline (including Pen drive, tablet, memory card for Smart Phone)
  • NCERT solutions for all subjects/ NCERT eBook
  • Guidelines for how to prepare for exams (Tips and tricks to writeeffective answers)
  • Content mapped as per CBSE/ICSE/State boards syllabus
  • Faculty Support for doubt resolution and queries.
  • Content for all subjects (Math, Science, Hindi, English, Social Science, EVS, Computer, GK, and Rhymes)

LIVE CLASSES (One to One/ Group Study)

Takshila Learning has recently introduced live classeswhich is aunique combination of technology and education experts. A student can study from the best faculties from all over India at their own convenience. There are various benefits which are mentioned below:

  • Choose Faculty of their Own Choice
  • Affordable Price
  • Experienced Faculties and Experts available
  • Schedule Class according to student/Faculty Convenient
  • Personal Attention
  • Study from anywhere, anytime
  • Record Live Sessions for Revision Purpose
  • Clear Doubts on One to One
  • Dedicated one Faculty for all subjects are also available for junior classes
  • Specialized faculties for all subjects are available


Apart from Takshila Learning, there are some other e-learning portals:-


Meritnation is an online education portal providing education to school students from different boards. They also offer online courses to help students prepare for important competitive exams such as JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, PMT/ AIPMT/ State PMTs, CPT, BBA, NDA and Hotel Management. They also provide an extensive personality development section that helps students identify and enhance their soft skills for their holistic development. Mertination tends to provide online education at their portal with following benefits or features:

  • Online Education Portal
  • Study Material
  • Access to Professors/Teachers 24×7
  • Online chat/email/
  • Live Classes
  • Exam Guide
  • Study Pattern


BYJU’S –  (Byju’s The Learning App Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd)

Byju’s was founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran in Bangalore, Karnataka. In fact, this is the first education project to receive funding from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in Asia. The main product and service of this being the flagship product is BYJUS – Byju’s the learning app , which is available since 2015 August providing education from primary to higher secondary level classes. Along with this, now they have started teaching for Competitive Examinations. They have gained recognition after they came with the App Learning Platform, but they are also providing offline education through some offline institutions in India

Apart from all this the main features of Byju’s Learning App are:

  • Learn with engaging Videos from India’s best teacher
  • Practice to perfection with chapter-wise tests with feedback and analysis
  • Master concepts through customized adaptive learning modules.
  • Challenge your peers over Quizzo (India’s Largest Math & Science Quiz App)
  • Compete nationally with the National School Challenge
  • Analyze with real-time progress updates, in-depth solutions, feedback & recommendations


I could not see any more benefits except common features like faculty support. But as far as we have heardbyju’s support is not well enough though it’s content might be good.



Vedantu is an Online Education platform that provides students the opportunity to choose the teacher from which they want to study in online mode.They were launched for the public in October 2014 This organization also claims to provide online education for India Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exam (IITJEE) and National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and Problem Solving Assessment.Apart from this, there are many features which Vedantu supports but only in Live classes, some of which are-

  • Superior Teachers
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Live Audio-Video Connection Between Teacher and Student
  • Learning Management Tools
  • Performance Report Tools
  • Live In Mobile

All these are what Vedanta has listed on its site, nothing more than this has been listed


Extramarks is An online education portal which has been running in this field from the recent times and is also making its name in terms of school courses and now even in the competitive examinations. This organization is known for its least price with quite decent content but we are not sure about the services which they list on their website.Apart from this, organization is also offering its school learning courses to schools, where schools want to implement Ed-tech (providing education through technological means). But now with the changing trends it is also offering content to the student directly. Apart from this, there are the following benefits which this organization claims to provides which are mentioned below-

  • Adaptive Learning
  • Mentor
  • Scheduler
  • Progress
  • Notes
  • Groups Learning

These are the top five online education providers which are really working and actually providing the excellent services as they have listed on their website.


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July 3, 2018

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