Some tips of Competitive exam preparation 2018 – 2019

Competitive exam preparation | Online banking exam preparation

Some tips of Competitive exam preparation 2018 - 2019

Some tips of Competitive exam preparation 2018 – 2019

Online Banking classes : In this competitive world, being well prepared is the key to success. In today’s world no matter which field we belong to, we are required to qualify competitive exams to get admissions in universities, for civil services or for any other post in public sector. Competitive exams can seem daunting, but if you employ smart strategies to prepare for the exam, the process can be much more manageable.

The season of competitive exams is around the corner and we know you are doing all you can to crack these exams. These exams are designed to check your knowledge in individual sections. In this blog we have tried to give you some important tips for competitive exam preparation, be it SSC, IBPS, Insurance, NDA, etc.

Tips for competitive exam preparation:

Enroll yourself in a test preparation program online. During competitive exam preparation, first of all enroll yourself in any online program. There are many online websites, some of them free and others at a cost, you can register with that will prepare you for the test you are taking. For example, for the IBPS, there is a website that prepares you for the PO and Clerk through videos, text lessons, practice tests that simulate the real test, and games to help you study and keep you engaged. Where ever you reside either in urban or rural area, you can commute online.

Practice Sample Papers and Mock Tests for competitive exam preparation : Attempting to sample papers and last year question papers helps you to formulate a better strategy for the exam and know your weaknesses. It will help you to understand the pattern of the question paper and make it easier to finish the paper in the given time. Practice more and more sample papers and you will be more confident during the competitive exam. Work hard and practice to overcome your weaknesses and leakpoles.

Buy study materials, and study the material on your own. In addition to online program buy books for self study.For the IBPS, for example, there are numerous kinds of study guides you can buy depending on your requirement, and same with many other tests. Their are different types of study materials for the IBPS: critical books are study guides are for candidate trying to improve their scores, regardless of skill level or areas of strength/weakness; subject wise training books will help you focus on one specific area of the test, for example, English, vocabulary, grammer, Maths;. Purchase study materials from bookstores, online, or check them out from a library.Research the best study guides for the specific test you are preparing for and your needs.

Time Management is very important for competitive exam preparation:
Time is the most crucial factor in determining your success in competitive exams. Start your preparation early, so that you have sufficient time in your hands and there is no need to panic at the time of exam. Divide the entire syllabus into parts in order to be able to cover the whole syllabus on time.

For example: If you have 15 chapters to cover and 30 days of preparation time, then make sure you complete in 20 days, leaving the remaining days for revision.

Smart work along with Hard work:
It is true that there is no subsitute to hard work when it comes to preparing for competitive exams, but smart work is also as necessary as hard work. You should start to prepare those subjects and the topics that are most difficult and carry the maximum weightage. Take a short breaks and if you are finding it difficult to focus for a long period of time.

Discipline yourself and do not fall under the pressure:
Maintain a balance between your study time and other activities. For competitive exam preparation set aside a fixed time for your studies. Do away with distractions and discipline yourself. No disturbance like Mobiles, TV, friends while studying. Ask the people around you not to disturb you while you are studying. You might be under a lot of pressure to prepare for a competitive exam and do well. Anxiety and Tension are not going to help in preparation, instead stay calm and relaxed. Stay motivated and study for yourself. Prepare for the competitive exam with complete focus and determination.

All the very best.

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Some tips of Competitive exam preparation 2018 - 2019 Some tips of Competitive exam preparation 2018 - 2019 Some tips of Competitive exam preparation 2018 - 2019 Some tips of Competitive exam preparation 2018 - 2019Some tips of Competitive exam preparation 2018 - 2019

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