Takshila Learning – Your Online Coach (online coaching classes)

Welcome to Takshila Learning, your online Coach, to take you through the journey of your career in Commerce stream.

Takshila Learning : Online coaching classes & online courses

Online coaching classes & online courses at Takshila Learning

Welcome to Takshila Learning, your online Coach, to take you through the journey of your career in Commerce stream.

Takshila Learning – Your Online Coach (online coaching classes)

We are going to handhold you through the learning life cycle of your career, starting with as soon as you enter class XI of your commerce stream. As Class XI and XII need special focus on learning  your commerce subjects. It also needs vision and guidance to ensure that you decide what you will do, as soon as you are over with your Board Examinations.

In the cool vacations after board examinations, you will be selecting the stream you want to pick moving forward. There you will find Takshila Learning holding your hand, to take you through CA, CS, CMA coaching or through the roads of B Com, LLB. During this journey you will be exposed to many courses which are specially developed to enhance your skills to make you ready for job / entrepreneurship, as soon as you complete your graduation. We are here to offer you all the guidance/ Coaching  for post graduate courses which are developed by the best of the faculties available anywhere worldwide.

In case of doubt or questions, you will be able to interact with our team at our KNOWLEDGE CENTER, which is working to support your doubts and queries anytime through mails, Online Chat through our website or Generating a Support Ticket from your login account at www.takshilalearning.com. In case still not satisfied you can call up our call center for any questions which are unanswered.

For faster learning many Mobile Apps like “Teach me”, “Chanakya Quiz” on various subjects are awaiting you at Google Play-store. Please Download them and get going.

As you complete your Graduation/ Post Graduation and are in Job or in your own Business, we are going to pull you towards professional courses which are of national and International repute, to enhance your value and earning power. All we are saying that you will find Takshila Learning as your friend, coach and guide for your professional journey of life. In between these courses we will also expose you to many soft-skill courses to enhance your effectiveness in life and to ensure that you live life powerfully as the way you love.

Takshila Learning is your own company, which is built on the footsteps created by ancient Takshila (first university of World in year 350 BC) and of our Bharat-Desh, from where great teachers of the like of “Chanakya”, great students like “Chandragupta Maurya” and great epic like “Arthashastra” came out.

Call now Takshila Learning experts for Online coaching classes & online courses as per your time schedule.

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August 22, 2019

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