Study Tips : How to overcome the lack of concentration while studying?

Study Tips
Study Tips

How to overcome the lack of concentration while studying?

Have you ever wondered why your attention gets distracted when you study?

Or, why you fall fast asleep the moment you pick a book to read or start your studies?

Or, why you find it hard to concentrate on your work?

If you have thought about this, and are facing these problems, then it’s high time to overcome them. And we are here to help you with it with some suggestions. Whether you want to shine in your studies or prepare for entrance/academic exams, you need to work on building up your focusing skills. Listed below are a few ways to improve your focus:

Master over Your Distractions: As we are living in a world that is full of distractions, they always make you lose focus. It keeps your mind preoccupied with unnecessary things and reduces concentration. Social Media pages and Entertainment apps Like Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, OTT Apps, YouTube, Instagram, incessant phone calls and text messages, are the main distractions in day to day life.

These distractions take your attention away from regular studies. It also keeps you away from accomplishing your study goals. It is thus important to identify the things that distract you the most and overcome them as soon as possible. Try to do this regularly and you will find success in concentrating.

Connect yourself with a study group: Let’s admit it studies are boring if you don’t like it. Studying alone is even more tedious. The maximum we can stretch our study is up to 1 hour. But only an hour of focused attention is not enough if you are actually serious about your life goals or future. With boredom comes concentration issues, and with this comes less effective studying. So this is very important that you take a different approach to your studies.

Studying in a group is a multi-directional study approach where everyone comes together and actively contributes their knowledge output in elevating each other’s study efficiency.

Set timers and Goal: It has been rightly said that people perform best when they follow a solid plan. When deadlines are involved, you know you have no choice but to give it your best. If you don’t have a set timer then you constantly think about other things, you are constantly distracted and you are busy day dreaming. And you never know how to get out of it.

Setting a goal or set plan will help you study according to your plan and will motivate you to stay concentrated. You can set monthly, weekly, quarterly, and then annual goals and feel encouraged after achieving this.


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Fix a Routine: Make a genuine routine for yourself and stick to it. Even if you study only for two or three hours, studying through a fixed routine helps more than studying for7- 8 hours in a day and then not studying at all for the rest of the week. So make a plan according to your curriculum or subject and hours available to you apart from the time spent in school/college, tuition/coaching, and other important activities.

Give equal importance to your health: Study is really important, but health is important as well. Eating right, Eating healthy and daily exercises affect your study remarkably. Due to lack of time and stress, you may neglect your physical and mental health, which affects adversely your focus on studies. Regular work out and healthy eating improves your mental health and reduces laziness and boredom. This means you will feel fresh, positive, and energized when you sit to study and your mind will be able to focus more.

Takshila learning helps you focus better and keeps you aware of your goals and objectives. They target the mind of the aspirants and prepare modules in a way that keeps them engaged and motivated to learn further with clarity. The right study material and the right approach to learning is also equally important for learners to be able to study well and concentrate on what they are studying.

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