List Of Courses after 10th Class | Streams after 10th

List Of Courses after 10th Class | Streams after 10th

Choosing Best stream after 10th still a dilemma!

Here is the Guide…

The CBSE Board Exams will soon be over, and the most common question will be choosing the best dream for a bright future. These decisions are the most important ones in terms of long-term career prospects. I am sure you are also thinking that what is the Best Course after 10th Class or which stream to be taken after class 10th.  It is the most common dilemma for most of the students in India. Many students randomly off for courses and feel to continue in further studies. The confusion here is

What to choose and What to leave!


Choosing a career after School is not all about deciding for a job or selecting a course it is more than just knowledge and skills. These choices define the rest of your life, your personality. It is important to choose the right stream after 10th  and to choose this we must consider certain factors:


  1. Focusing on a career path, milestones, and destinations:

Research shows that most of the students change their career decision at least three times until graduation. The first step starts with and when you need to decide a stream, secondly, after completing 12 for selecting courses and lastly after completing graduation for choosing job or post-graduation courses. Every choice is important but if someone makes the wrong decision to choose the right stream after 10th you may end up making wrong choices thereafter.

The process of choosing a writes team must be based on a career destination. The main issue in the process is to focus only on career path without considering courier destination. Every parent is much more concerned about what is subject to choose for their children after 10th; science (bio) non-medical, humanities or commerce?


  1. Knowing the difference between interest, infatuation, and ability:

While choosing a career, it is important to differentiate between interest and hobbies or infatuation. Money, fame, power can be influencing your get career choices and it is always based on unrealistic assumptions. Abilities to transform your infatuation into action to reach a destination are required. To differentiate interest from infatuation by seeking an answer to a few questions

For example, if you want to be an actor, it is important to know why you want to be an actor? Few questions like how long you have been thinking to be an actor? Why would you want to be an actor? Who inspires you the most?  If you haven’t been thinking about choosing acting as your career, probably it’s just an infatuation. If you have and in defied the interest, knowing the ability to be successful is the next step. Inborn traits, Or skills for officiant work. Is there ability is related to interest then it can be a perfect career choice.


  1. Not being part of a herd:

This is very important, and the study says most of the students choose their career in accordance with the other students. Student basically follows trends which might be misleading sometimes and involves lots of risks. So, it’s better to avoid any such trends


  1. Academic performance never defines your career:

The main reason to select course team today is the academic performance or grades. If A student gets a high grade in class 10 his first target should be science or maths. If not PCM then PCB, or commerce and last humanities

Every subject has seen weightage until 10th grade. Choosing the right subject for the next five years is the most important thing in your career. According to researchers mostly students change their subjects in graduation and post-graduation. So, choosing a career according to skillset and not just grade is important.


  1. Self-awareness:

It is one of the basic qualities, one must possess, as everyone is unique with unique interests and skillsets. So, instead of focusing on other interest one must focus on their own skill sets. They need to be well Focused and informed about choosing the right streams. If there is any problem, we can take help of any student counselors.


“Don’t let the truth dies decide your career. It must be done cautiously and shall be driven by the approach of balancing intuitions with facts.


After Class 10, children often take decisions a lot of uncertainty and a puzzled mind. The risk of such decisions is that many times they end up taking wrong decisions or choosing the stream. These decisions proved to be wrong in terms of long-term perspective and career. Students realize the decisions in class 11th at self and it is always frustrating.


It is always burdening for rest of life, if the decision is taken under pressure, and lack of right knowledge. Hence, for a good career in the future, it is important for any student to choose the string very carefully and it should be well thought and processed.

Every student needs to self-assess themselves and ask questions before deciding the stream:

What are my interests? 

For a young ambiguous mind, the first step after the 10th is knowing what interests you the most. Knowing all the aspects of your personality is very important. It includes all the activities that you enjoy doing or subjects that interest you the most. For example, if you are interested in reading inventions or about scientific research as you can opt for the science stream. If you are imaginary and like reading or writing, the arts stream is the right choice for you.

What is my aim in life?

Every student or person has a role model while growing up. It is very natural the life of the student may be influenced by the role model. The aim in the life of every student must be identified and clear it and students should choose a screening accordingly. You might want to become a pilot, or a doctor, or an engineer, or an actor. These aims help you choose a career in a better way.

What subjects do I like the most?

If every student has some of their subjects which they like the most I study the most. It can be mathematics, biology, physics, geography, history, etc. If you have difficulty in choosing a stream, it is always wise to choose to see that includes your favorite subjects. For example, if you like geography you must opt for a humanities/arts stream, or if you like biology, the Science stream is the right choice.

Do I need to visit a career counsellor?

The confusion of choosing the right stream and not choosing the stream that might put you on the wrong spot in the future is high. Sometimes it is in your best interest to choose a counselor to make the best decisions for you. A career counselor is well aware of your confusion and dilemma of a student and he can come up with the best solution to all your confusion. If you are in some big studies, you can attend a load of seminars educational fair to explore more choices and accordingly plan the future.

For Free Education Counselling call us 

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Should I take assistance from my Seniors/Parents/Teachers?

Lack of right to lunch and following room trains might put your career and your body. To avoid such wrong decisions related to your career, any experienced person’s advice might be of great help. To reach a constructive decision, you may seek advice from your family members, teachers or seniors. They might guide you to choose the right stream.


In India career options for a student is wide open. Here is the list of stream after 10th  which student can choose from:



This stream deals with the widest range of courses such as history, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, various languages, anthropology, human resources, journalism, etc.

Do this is one of the least in the last choice of the student of 10th grade but the scope of a good career is really high with choosing amenities. It provides a good career and a high-paying job.



If you want to be an engineer and you are good at mathematics, science is the best thing for you. If you want your, career in the medical field, probably choosing the right side of the subject is important after 10th grade. Choosing signs after 10 gives you a scope of career in engineering and medical sciences.



If you have an interest in solving commercial mathematics and have a keen interest in business and trade, you must choose the commerce stream. It is important to have an interest in the business to choose this stream. If you aspire to become an accountant, or a company secretary or an analyst this stream is the right choice.



If you have an interest in cyber laws, interior designing, jewellery designing, fashion designing and such other courses then choosing vocational courses would serve the best interest.



Polytechnic is the technical degree courses student opts for such courses can directly get admission into the second year through an entrance examination.


Choosing the right and Best Course after 10 is certainly one of the hardest decisions in studentlife. All you can do is not let the pressure in dilemma affect your decisions. A bright future and career need the right choices at the right time.

So, to be the best, you must be patient and try not to rush to any conclusion without exploring all your possibilities.




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