Statement and Assumption Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Statement and Assumption Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers


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Statement and Assumption Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Directions for Q: 1-10 In each of the question given below a statement is followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something that is supposed or taken for granted. You have to observe the given statement to be true and then judge which of the following assumptions holds valid according to the statement. Give answer as:

(a) if only assumption I am implicit.

(b) if only assumption II is implicit.

(c) if either assumption I or assumption II is implicit.

(d) if neither assumptions I nor II is implicit.

(e) if both the assumptions I & II are implicit.


Q: 1 Statement: Should custom duty be abolished in India?

Arguments: I. Yes. It prevents people from buying goods from abroad.

II. It is a good source of revenue.


Q: 2 Statement: Should gender test during pregnancy be banned?

Arguments: I. Yes, this is a serious crime against humanity.

II. No, the parents should have the liberty to allow the birth of a child of their choice.


Q: 3 Statement: Do not copy our software without our permission – A notice

Assumptions: I. It is possible to copy the software.

II. Such a warning will have some effect.


Q: 4 Statement: ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’- A famous saying.

Assumption: I. Apples are good for our health.

II. Apples are easily available in the market.


Q: 5 Statement: Should our country encourage exports, when most of the things are insufficient for our use itself.

Arguments: I. Yes. We have to earn foreign exchange so that we can pay for our imports.

II. No. Because selective encouragement would lead to shortages.


Q: 6 Statement: Some new colleges should open in this state now.

Assumption: I. All other colleges have become old and inefficient now.

II. The present colleges are not able to accommodate the students of the state.


Q: 7 Statement: It is not the quality of the product but a good advertisement that boosts up your sale.

Assumptions: I. Consumers can be influenced by good advertisements.

II. Consumers desire to catch advertisements.


Q: 8 Statement: Should Polythene Bags be banned in our country?

Arguments: I.No, The polythene bags are very cheap & convenient to carry things.

II. Yes, that is what many other countries are doing.


Q: 9 Statement: The organization has the right to refuse any application form without giving any reason while selecting the list of students for the interview round – a condition written on the employment notice.

Assumptions: I. It is desirable to call only the eligible candidates for the interview round.

II. The organization believes in following the impartial practice in all recruitment process.


Q: 10 Statement: Should recruitment tests that are being conducted by the objective rather than of the descriptive type?

Arguments: I. Yes. The assessment of answers to objective type questions is fair and impartial.

II. No. The descriptive type test is certainly a better tool than the objective type test.


A: 1(b)         A: 2 (a)        A: 3 (e)           A: 4 (e)           A: 5 (e)

A: 6 (b)       A: 7 (e)        A: 8 (d)           A: 9 (a)            A: 10 (a)


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Statement and Assumption Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers Statement and Assumption Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers Statement and Assumption Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers Statement and Assumption Logical Reasoning Questions and AnswersStatement and Assumption Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

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