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What is Staffing? process and its importance – Business Studies Class 12

Staffing process and its importance - Business Studies Class 12

What is Staffing? Staffing  process and its importance – Business Studies Class 12

Concept of Staffing

It is the fact that organization foundation is based on quality staff. The employees are the assets of any firm. An organization needs to fulfill the right position with the right person. Staffing refers to the managerial function of filling and keeping filled the positions in the organization structure. In simple terms staffing is related to putting people into jobs.

It starts with workforce planning including recruitment, selection, promotion, training, development, and appraisal of the workforce. It is an important part of the management process concerned with obtaining, utilizing and maintaining a satisfied workforce. It is a continuous process.

Importance of staffing

  • No organization is successful without the right staff.
  • It helps in gaining competent personnel for various positions.
  • It helps in improving the organization performance by hiring the right person for the right job.
  • It involves succession planning for managers hence promotes the continuous growth of the firm.
  • It promotes optimum utilization of resources by high labor cost and underutilization of resources.
  • It motivates employees and improves job satisfaction.
  • It brings higher productivity and quality work.

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Staffing as a part of Human Resource Management

Staffing is closely related to organizing. After deciding the structure and positions, staffing is done. To achieve the goal of the organization, the staff is trained and developed. Staffing is basically a management function as performance depends on the human component of the organization.

Human resource management includes various activities and duties like- Recruitment, Job analysis, compensation, training, and development, maintain labor relations, handling grievance and so on. Staffing has become the major part of human resource management.

Staffing Process

Staffing process is the prime function of the management process. It deals with the timely fulfillment of the manpower requirements of the organization.

1 Estimating manpower requirement

Various job positions are created before hiring the staff. Each job position requires to estimate the set of skills like education qualification, experience etc to estimate manpower requirement. Workforce analysis is done to estimate manpower requirement. Workforce analysis includes the number and type of requirement.

2 Recruitment

It is the process of searching for a prospective candidate and stimulate them to apply for the job. it is done to create a pool of respective potential candidate. It is done through the internal and external source of recruitment.

3 Selection

At the time of recruitment, prospective job candidates are chosen for the job position. Selection is done to ensure that the organization chose the best talent. It enhances the self-esteem of the candidate.

4 Placement and Orientation

After the selection, placement is done where the employee occupies the job position. After joining the firm, the staff is given the brief introduction about the company and introduced to the co-workers. It is an orientation process which familiarises the candidate with the job position and company.

5 Training and Development

Firm either have their in-house training centers or has forged alliances with training institutions for training and development of the employees.

6 Performance Appraisal

The organization has some predetermined standard on the basis of which employees are evaluated on current or past performance. So performance appraisal includes defining the job, appraising the performance and providing the feedback.

7 Promotion and Career Planning

Promotion is an important part of people’s career. Firm addresses the career-related issues to promote the employees. Promotion includes more pay, responsibility and job satisfaction.

8 Compensation

Compensation refers to all for of payments to the employee including pay and rewards. It also includes incentives, bonus, commission and indirect payments.

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