How to Prepare For SSC CGL 2021 Exam ? Preparation Tips, Strategies & Study Material

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SSC CGL 2021: Preparation Tips

SSC CGL 2021 Exam : Preparation Tips, Strategies & Study Material

SSC CGL is one of the most sought after employment opportunity among the graduates of India and lakhs of students appear for this exam every year. Though the competition is huge nowadays, with constant effort and dedication, anyone can clear the exam. It is very important to work hard for these exams but at the same time, it requires smart work too. Through this blog, we will discuss important preparation tips and strategies for the upcoming SSC CGL 2021 exam:-

SSC CGL Preparation Tips:

  • Habits and patterns: If you have been an average student throughout your academic life then it can be safely assumed that you do not have the habit of studying for long hours. A bright student might study with full concentration for a long time while an average one might study for a lesser time with almost zero concentration. You won’t be able to study effectively from day 1 itself but with time and consistent efforts, you will get in a rhythm. The key is to keep going.
  • Confidence: Do not worry about the competition if you are getting a positive feeling after looking at the syllabus level. You need to give as many mock tests as you can and increase your score consistently. It will help in building your confidence.
  • Consistency: If you are an average student then you do not have the luxury to skip a few days of studies in between. One needs to make a serious effort by studying hard and practicing well. Continuous efforts will surely lead you to the path of success and show the results instantly.
  • Keeping the foot on the ground: Those bright students whom you are afraid of might be on another end of the frame. The problem is that one feels that there is no need to practice and just going through the exam papers is enough for clearing the exams. Whether a bright student or an average one the best mantra is to put in continuous practice every single day to reach the necessary point of success.

Exam strategy:

  • Start very early for the examination: If you are serious about cracking the examination in the first attempt, you have to start at least one year in advance. Initially know the pattern of the exam and then begin from the very basic levels. Plan your studies in such a way that there is no hurry and there is ample time in hand.
  • Work Hard: You need to work towards your goals. Preparation for an exam cannot be done in a single day. You need to devote quality time and exert endless efforts to get what you aim for in life, so start now.
  • Revision is very important: It is not enough to just go through the syllabus once but you need to revise it time and again so that the answers just come to you naturally. Revision is very important in all subjects, specifically in General awareness..
  • Solve previous years’ question papers: Practice from SSC CGL Previous year’s question papers. The questions in papers like, Quant, Reasoning, and Static GK can be repeated every year in the papers. When you attempt and solve the previous year question papers, it adds more confidence to your preparation.
  • Refer to Selected Study material: Prepare according to the latest exam pattern and syllabus. There are a lot of books in the market to prepare for SSC CGL. According to the old phrase, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Referring to an endless number of reference materials only adds to the clutter. Therefore select good books and study from them.
  • Talk to successful candidates: Nowadays it is very easy to interact with successful candidates through various platforms. Talk to them and ask your doubts but keep in mind that you should follow what suits you and not what was best for them.
  • Follow a routine: It is very important to be disciplined in this journey and the best way to do that is to follow a routine. You should have in mind the timeframe by which you wish to finish something and you should strictly abide by that under all circumstances.
  • Practice Mock Tests regularly: Mock Tests give you exposure and help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Solve mock Tests in the stipulated time frame. Speed and accuracy are important tenets of any competitive exam.
  • Don’t always think about 170+ or 500+ marks: Aspirants are always worried about scoring 170+ in Tier I and 500+ after Tier II. There is no point in getting stressed about marks because the cut-off changes every year and the difficulty level determine it. You should never think about the marks that you are going to get but think about the strategy to approach the exam to give the best performance.

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