Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Benefits & Types Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Types Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Types Of SEO

In this article we will discuss about Search Engine Optimization– Types of SEO, Benefits of SEO, Working of SEO and Steps to make your website SEO deliver faster.

What is SEO ?

The Search Engine Optimization is known by the acronym ‘SEO’. It refers to the process done to enhance the ranking of any website and to get organic or un-paid traffic on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). So basically, SEO increases the quality and quantity of the traffic to the website by increasing the rank and visibility of a web page to users of aninternet search engine, i.e., Google,Bing, and Yahoo.

In simple terms, we can say that when you search for any topic in Google search or in any other search engine, the page appears which shows results relevant to your searched topic, which is known as Search Engine Results Page and the process to rank your website and webpageshigher or at the top ofthe SERP is known asSEO.


To rank higher in SERP or for better SEO you have to:

  1. Create good quality, relevant and attractive content,
  2. Optimize that content around specific keywords, and
  3. Build backlinks.


What are the types of SEO?

SEO is divided into 2 types on the basis of the activities it performs:–

  1. On – Page SEO: It is optimization and controlled working on the website itself.



2. Off – Page SEO: It is optimization off-website via Backlinks, Guest posts etc.

Also SEO are of 3 types on the basis of techniques used by website owner to rank its website, they are:-


 White Hat SEO : it enhances the search performance on SERP by following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines viausing relevant and quality keywords, link building, relevant content, and enhanced user engagement.

Black Hat SEO : It increases the page rank in SERP by not following the search engine’s terms of service which is done via keyword stuffing, using unrelated keywords, spamming, etc.

Gray Hat SEO : it improves the website’s ranking without any negative impact by using a mix of White hat and few techniques of Black hat optimizations.




What are the Benefits of SEO ?

SEO plays a pre-eminent role in Digital marketing. Below are some major benefits of SEO:

  1. SEO helps in building Brand awareness as if your website comes at the top spot in SERP then the people are going to read your stuff and get toknow about your Brand.
  2. It encourages you to build aUser Friendly websiteas a Well-structured, uncluttered and user friendly websites attracts more visitors, thereby decreasing bounce rate and increasing the traffic to your website which can eventually increase the conversion rates.
  3. SEO – optimized websites,loads faster, are easy to read and surf, and displays properly in almost all types of devices. So itwill help in bringing “targeted” traffic and more customers to your website and thereby surpassing your competitors.


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How SEO Works ?

When you search about any topic on any Search Engine, for example, Google, it sends out group of robots known as crawlers or spiders to find new and updated content related to that topic. After this, the Search Engine collects the data brought from various websites by the crawlers, analyzes and stores that data, thereby indexing the whole data. After doing Crawling and indexing, now Search engine ranks the content according to the quality, relevance and site navigation, with the help of algorithms.


How to make your website’s SEO deliver faster ?

Today, almost all companies are targeting for the first place or on the first page of Google. They all are taking help of SEO professionals or SEO service providing company. Google updates its SEO rules (algorithm) time to time and makes the first-page position on Google more difficult.
If you are doing On-page SEO and off-page SEO on a regular basis, but still not getting desired results, or you want your website’s SEO to deliver faster, you need to follow the below points–

1. Make your website Mobile Friendly : Today the number of mobile internet users is more than that of the desktop or laptop. People spend more time onsmart phones surfing on the internet. So the maximum searches are done on the mobile. Google gives priority in ranking to a mobile-friendly site. It increases the chance of your website keyword to come on the first page by beating competitors who are not following the rule.


2. Make your website faster : Google has made page speed a ranking factor. So, you need to create a website which can load quickly. To do this you need to optimize codes, images, videos, etc. you can also use GZip, cache, etc as they help the web pages to load faster. For a detailed explanation, visit digital marketing  course online.


3. Add Voice Search to the website: The number of mobile internet users has increased very fast. The mobile devices are equipped with voice search. People like to use voice search as it is easier for them. Sometimes we need to search in the local language for which it helps a lot. That is why Voice search in Google in local language is considered as an important SEO factor.


4. Create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a Google-backed project. It is designed as an open standard for any publisher to load pages quickly on mobile devices. Google gives special places to Pages with AMP Codes in the search result. Means they get a better search place.

Other than this you need to create clean URLs with good quality keywords. You need to avoid Capital letter in the URL. Block bad/unwanted URL with robots.txt. Use the long tail and researched keywords.


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