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What is the salary of IFRS in India?

What is the salary of IFRS in India?

What is the salary of IFRS in India?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants’ IFRS course is one of the most important and respectable credentials in the worldwide International Financial Reporting Standards. ACCA’s diploma course is intended to improve your IFRS knowledge and understanding.The dream of developing Universal Accounting Standards started in 1973 and has culminated in accounting being implemented or converged internationally in more than 100 countries. In almost all countries, the need for the hour has led to the introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Scope and salary trend of IFRS

Scope of IFRS : The Best IFRS Career Guide in 2021 – The IFRS diploma has been shown to be beneficial in securing opportunities in large audit firms because they have a preference over others for such applicants. If you are already a CA, it could be a feather in your cap to research the IFRS. If your organization deals with foreign and global companies, it would be extremely useful to be up to date and familiar with the requirements. Even after doing this course, we have opportunities for financial reporting in BPOs, KPOs.

Some countries have not recognized IFRS and insist on giving their accounting rules precedence. In India, however, the equivalent of DipIFR is given and is referred to as Ind-As. In the Ind-AS system and other relevant functional program problems, it has become important for finance professionals to understand the accounting principles.’ India converged with IFRS and evolved with Ind AS, which is very similar to IFRS.

IFRS professionals working in the top global auditing firms receive a starting annual package of Rs 8 lacs to Rs 15 lacs per year, as per the LinkedIn salary survey. Another study indicates that in India, most accounting consultants specializing in IFRS work at an average salary of Rs 15 lacs to Rs 16 lacs per year, and in some cases it can even go up to Rs 19 lacs. After specializing in IFRS, you gain experience and spend about 6-8 years in the industry.

Cost factor of IFRS

The cost of each IFRS attempt is about 15k to 20k. There would be an extra cost of any additional coaching or tuitions taken for the course. IFRS training is provided by several institutes with NSE Academy accreditation and has a program that is very important to the industry.

Although the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the entity that offers the IFRS certificate, there are many learning providers for the course.


What’s the Course Objective?

ACCA’s IFRS course provides a comprehensive introduction to the finance sector and aims to help you understand how it is used internationally. The ACCA diploma in IFRS is planned for the following purposes:

To comprehend the application of the international accounting system.

Identify and extend disclosure requirements in financial reports and financial notes to businesses.

Application of applicable financial reporting principles to core financial reporting elements

The course is designed for:

  • Chartered Accountants, ICWA, Company Secretaries and finance professionals.
  • Chief Accountants and Finance Managers.
  • MBAs majored in Finance and working in the accounting department.
  • Semi-qualified CA, ICWA, CS working in the accounting department.

You are entitled to obtain the ACCA financial reporting certification if you are an auditor or a licensed accountant working in business or practice and trained according to national accounting standards and if you are employed but not yet trained in practice, you might still be eligible for DipIFR.

The requisites for eligibility are the following:

  • Two years of appropriate accounting experience and a degree at least attracting exemptions from ACCA qualification F1-F4
  • Two years of related accounting experience and an International Financial Reporting ACCA Certificate
  • Three years of accounting experience of relevance
  • Affiliate status with ACCA

Getting a credential often has its benefits, and an IFRS certification will also support you if you are looking to start a career as a finance manager. Generally, large and/or multinational corporations tend to employ people who are already IFRS-qualified. Even for smaller businesses, IFRS expertise would be compulsory, so this course will certainly be a benefit.

Learning IFRS is not very difficult if you know simple accounting. At a time, you can learn one norm and concentrate on those applicable to your business or a three-month IFRS course can provide a great way to plan for the future for CAs, accountants and other financial professionals.

Takshila learning makes the learning and the consequent operations smooth as regards IFRS for every aspirant of the course. The IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) course from Takshila Learning consists of IFRS video lectures and live classes/workshops intended to enable you to build outstanding concepts and succeed globally. It comes with practice papers that allow you to score higher, making it the best course for DipIFR online.

An ACCA Diploma in IFRS is adequate for licensed accountants or auditors in practice or business. In our IFRS Online Course, we offer you a perfect mix of Online Classes/Workshop and Recorded Video Lectures that you can browse multiple times during the provided validity period along with our unique benefits that will provide experts with perfect learning.

Develop and enjoy being a successful IFRS professional with Takshila Learning


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Preparation Tips for Diploma in IFRS


Here, at Takshila Learning, we provide a Diploma in IFRS , for ACCCA Certification. Prepare yourself with our IFRS Online Classes by our expert faculty ACCA Amit Kumar. We are also serving Online Classes for various Courses such as School from K-12, Professional Courses, i.e., CA/CS/CMA/DIPIFR, Skill Development courses, i.e, Digital Marketing and Competitive Exams, i.e., SSC/Banking/Railways.


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