Scope Of Digital Marketing In India 2021

Scope Of Digital Marketing In India 2021 - Salaries In Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to digital channel ads, such as search engines, blogs, and social media, email, and Smartphone apps. Digital marketing is the process by which businesses promote products, services, and brands using these online media platforms. In order to study goods, consumers rely heavily on digital methods.

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or services using electronic devices mainly on the Internet. Digital marketing helps us to reach our potential customers on the Internet, mobile devices and social media.


Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2021

In the past 10 years, digital marketing has a major impact on Indian business and with the increase of Smartphone and mobile internet customers; it has reached every part of India.

Lock Downs, Social distancing and other conditions that arise from COVID-19 made 2020 a revolutionary year for the internet, online tools, and online media. It has forced billion of people to learn and start using the internet and digital media for their work from Home, education, entertainment, business, communication, and other needs.

COVID-19 has taught the world and India the importance of online tools and marketing. Due to this most of the companies and even small businesses started getting online and it has created a huge demand for Digital Marketers.

Digital Marketing has a lot of scope in the coming years because everything right now is turning into digital. Likewise, if there is a high demand for a particular field automatically there is a need for people who are experts in that field. Job Portals in India are filled with Digital marketing job requirements.

Being cost-effective, reliable, influential, and backed by data makes digital marketing is a good marketing tool for all brands and businesses. Smartphone has helped the world to get digitalized fast. As more and more digitalization happening around the world, potential customers presence is increasing rapidly on Digital tools and increasing demand for Digital Marketing professionals.


Job scope in Digital marketing

There are different kinds of job opportunities in digital marketing. Some Jobs are related to content creation, some are related to content marketing and others are related to other channels of digital marketing. Some Popular Jobs in Digital marketing are –

  • Graphics Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Digital Marketing Intern:
  • Digital Marketing Executive:
  • SEO Executive:
  • Online Reputation Executive
  • Content Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Specialist:
  • PPC Specialist:
  • Email marketing Manager.
  • Web Analyst
  • Copywriter.
  • Analytics Manager.
  • Digital Marketing Head


Entrepreneurship opportunity for Digital Marketer

  • Freelancing Services: Digital marketers can work from any location and they just need an internet connection and a digital device. They can find the client globally and work for them from staying at home.
  • Blogging: Full-time blogging can be a good entrepreneurship option for a digital marketer. Blogging can help in generating income with advertising (AdSense) and affiliate marketing strategies.
  •  Affiliate Marketing: A digital marketing can promote other products or services on their blog or social media and can earn a commission on each sale. Thousands of digital Markers are earning through Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Agency: Digital marketers can start their digital marketing agency and can become an entrepreneur. They can provide digital marketing services worldwide and give jobs to others.
  • Become a YouTuber: Digital marker can start their YouTube channel and can create and share quality content. After full filing monetization condition, they can start earning from the YouTube channel.
  • Work as Digital Marketing Trainers: Digital marketers can start their online training business. They can train students worldwide.


Salaries in Digital Marketing: 

The salary of a Digital marketing professional depends on his or her Skills. An average Digital marketing intern can start his paid internship from 10k to 15k. After 2-3 years of experience, average Digital marketing gets 4 to 5 Lac Rs annually. The salary of good Digital marketing professionals has increased by 20% to 50% annually.


The skill required to become Digital Marketing professionals

You must have good communication skills, knowledge of the internet, and digital devices to start a career in Digital Marketing. For other Skills, there are different Digital Marketing courses. These courses help to develop different kinds of technical skills required for Digital Marketing.

Some of the popular technical skill required to become a Digital Marketing professional are-

  1. Web Designing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Content Writing and Content creation
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Pay per click
  6. Web Analytics
  7. Affiliates and Influencer Marketing
  8. Video editing
  9. Email Marketing


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