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Safer Internet Day (SID) is an annual worldwide event celebrated in February each yearto encourage all of us to work together to create a better Internet. Celebrated globally in over 130 countries, SID is a chance for millions of people around the world to be inspired for positive change and to raise awareness about the importance of online security.

The Internet has been an amazing invention that has undoubtedly changed the world in more ways than we might think. Not all of those methods have been positive, unfortunately. We can connect with people faster, make things easier and transfer information at the speed of light. These very gifts of communication can become a bond of security. Our personal lives and information are transferred to the Internet, Safe Internet Day reminds us that we can protect ourselves from the dangers there and make the Internet a little safer for everyone.


The theme of Safer Internet Day is:

‘Together for a Better Internet’ which I believe reminds us of the importance of working together if we are serious about making the Internet a safe place. Whether we are parents, careers, teachers or users, we all have a part to play.

Celebrations will take place on Tuesday, 11 February 2020. The 2020 slogan, “Together for a Better Internet”, is a call for all stakeholders to join together and play their part in creating a better Internet for all, and especially for younger users.


History of Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day officially came into existence in 2012, when the US Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission decided it was time to help the growing beast that the Internet was in a playground safe for our youth. American things really got going in 2013 when was hired to coordinate efforts in American theater, and they were pushing it a little bit every year. Each year they choose a topic to help promote, and a goal they intend to reach. What kind of goals?

In 2015 he began promoting that year’s theme “Action and Activism toward a Better Net and World”, where he focused on concerns such as bullying and integration with the National Parent Teacher Association, and helped to influence social change Worked on using technology to do. This is a particularly powerful use of the tool, given that people from every sphere of life and culture from around the world can connect and communicate in ways they could never before. This is what the internet was for, what it brought to us, and helped the world bring it together.


The 4R’s of Online Safety

To bring about a positive change in our online world, this year we are being encouraged to focus on four key skills that many experts believe us all (especially our children) can use to better the Internet. Will help navigate and create a more positive online environment. Let’s call them Online Safety of 4R: Respect, Responsibility, Reasoning and Flexibility. Therefore, here is our advice on what we can do to incorporate these four important skills in our family digital lives.


  • 1st R is Respect

I firmly believe that online respect for others is important if we are going to promote a safer and more supportive Internet for our children and generations to come. While many parents feel that our constant reminders about the importance of good manners and respect should now also be extended to include the online world, not everyone is on the same page.

Keyboard warriors who fire abusive comments online, or harass others and troll frankly, have no notion of respect online. Online actions can have serious real-world implications. In fact, online tasks can often have more important implications as dialogue is not just for the few, but is seen by everyone’s online friends that can span 1000. Such public exchanges then create an opportunity for commentary which often increases injury and deterioration.

Therefore it is necessary that we have very direct conversations with our children and which is not appropriate online. And if there is any confusion, always return to one of my favorite lessons from my Sunday school days: treat others the way you want to treat yourself.


  • 2nd R is Responsibility

Responsibility is taking actions, I am accountable for my actions and when I feel something is wrong I take a stand. In my opinion, teaching our children online responsibility is another important step to make the Internet a better place to convince our children thatthey are not only responsible but accountable for their behavior.

If they harass or threaten others online, or are involved in sending inappropriate photos, there are consequences that may involve interactions with the police department. But being responsible online also means if you get something right you can join it. Whether a partner is at the end of online harassment or a cruel joke, getting involved and telling the offender that their behavior is ‘not good’ is essential.


  • 3rd R is Reasoning

Teaching our children to think critically is an essential survival skill for our children in our content-driven online world. We need our children to question, analyze and verify online content. They need to identify reputable and reliable sources and think carefully before sharing and digesting information. The best thing we can do as parents is challenge our children and make them think! If, for example, your child is researching online for school assignments, think them over. Ask them what’s the agenda of the author of the article are. Ask them if there is any counter argument to what is put in the article. Ask them if the information sharing source is reliable. The aim is to teach them questions, and they do not want to take anything they find online at face value.


  • 4th R is Resilience

Unfortunately, the likelihood that your child will experience some challenges online is quite high. Whether someone posts mean comments, harasses them, or in the worst case, cyber attacks – these nasty online conversations can really be hurt. Ensuring your children that they can learn about any issues you experience. And you need to repeat it regularly, so, they don’t forget! And if your child has brought you a problem that they have experienced online, the worst thing you can do is threaten to disconnect them. If you do so, I guarantee you that they will never share anything else with you again.

Therefore, love them, educate them and give them some freedom so that they can start taking some small risks online and start developing resilience.


Jobs that INTERNET created are:

  1. Social Media Manager: –Social media is one of the most viral by-products of the Internet and is increasingly responsible for being its best. Companies are capitalizing on this global obsession with using these digital networks to stay connected, so that the special role of social media manager emerges. Essentially, it is a brand management role designed to produce content, promote interaction, and monitor the social media platforms used by the company.
  2. Web Developer: –Web developers are the gatekeepers of the Internet. They create web pages that we happily browse and are fluent in a range of foreign computer languages that most of us don’t even know the names of. Since the commercialization of the Internet, IT roles have boomed and web development is one of the most sought-after skills in the job market.
  3. SEO Consultant: –As the Internet grows in popularity, so is the competition for listening to your voice online. For this reason, search engine optimization (SEO) has quickly become a big business for any business. Companies can improve their visibility when a person searches for their product or service online, using the right channels, keywords, and other targeted strategies. Entire agencies are now dedicated to SEO, often considered a group of magic tricks, as companies scramble for the top spot on Google.
  4. App Developer: –The app market has paved the way for a new, fun form of development and has seen age become instant millionaire stories to count on in adolescence. There’s no doubt about it – Tech gets checks
  5. Cloud Services Specialist: – Computer networking has been around for some time, but the term has cloud has been gaining more exposure among our technology representatives in recent times. Essentially it is using the net to connect devices and share information. Apple is one of the companies that can be credited with spreading the word to the public through its network backup / sharing function of iCloud ‘among its products. As the concept of cloud computing makes its way into mainstream consciousness, the demand for IT professionals specializing in cloud services is steadily increasing.
  6. Software Engineer: –Software engineers create computer programs that make the technology actually work. Not only has this, the best software engineers create programs that make computing and, let’s face it, made life easier. While software is not dependent on the net, opportunities for software engineers have pop up with the 4th industrial revolution as people turn to the Internet to search quick fixes and user-friendly solutions to just about everything.
  7. Blogger: –While anyone can be a blogger, the exceptionally clever verbatim are hitting their high level of page views with their professions that they are turning hobbies into dollars through advertisers buying real estate on their websites. You don’t just have to start a Blog spot account and wait for advertisers to knock, however, companies also hire full-time or freelance bloggers to create content specific to their online presence. When it comes to the Internet, content is king and an effective writer can be worth its weight in gold.
  8. E-commerce: –E-commerce is concerned with the strategies, management and implementation of Internet products, services and goods for purchase or license. It can also deal with marketing, feature and application development, merchandising and promotion or sales systems.


How Safer Internet Day is celebrated

The first thing that you can celebrate Safe Internet Day is working towards expanding your own online security portfolio. Learn what to do if you look into cases of cyber bullying, and how to connect and communicate with people around the world in areas of common interest. Make sure that your identity is solidly protected, and that the people in your life are protected as well. Even its better to take a stop by and check out the latest apps to protect yourself and your children and follow the breaking news about internet safety.


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