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Real Numbers – NCERT Maths Solutions Class 10

 Real Numbers - NCERT Maths Solutions Class 10, CBSE class 10th maths

Real Numbers – NCERT Maths Solutions Class 10

In this article, we will discuss the Class 10 Maths Chapter 1 Real Numbers

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In  Class 9th Maths, we studied the real numbers, especially about irrational numbers. Real numbers are the numbers that can be easily plotted on a number line.

Euclid’s Division Algorithm

For any two given positive integers a and b there exist unique whole numbers q and r such that

A=bq +r, where 0<r<b

Here a is called dividend is called a divisor, q is called a quotient and r as a remainder.

Dividend = (divisor*quotient) +remainder

Eg: – If we divide 117 by 14 then we will get 8 as quotient and 5 as remainder.

Dividend =117, divisor=14, quotient=8 and remainder=5

117= (14*8) +5


Few Solved examples for Maths Class 10th students

NCERT Maths Solutions Class 10

Eg 1-A number, when divided by 53, gives 34 as quotient and 21 as remainder. Find the number.

Soln-Using Euclid’s division algorithm we have

Dividend= (divisor*quotient) +remainder

= (53*34) +21

= (1802+21)


NCERT Maths Solutions Class 10

Eg 2 – Show that one and only one out of n, (n+1) and (n+2) is divisible by 3, where n is any positive integer?

Sol – let’s assume that on dividing n by 3, q will be the quotient and r will be the remainder.

N=3q+r where r=0, 1 or 2

N=3q or n =3q+1 or n 3q+2

Case 1 – if n=3q, then n is clearly divisible by 3.

Case 2 – if n= (3q+1), then (n+2)=3q+3=3(q+1),which is clearly divisible by 3,hence (n+2) is divisible by 3

Case 3 – if n= (3q+2), then (n+1)=(3q+3)=3(q+1),which is clearly divisible by 3,hence (n+1) is divisible by 3

Hence only one out of 3 is divisible by 3.

For any two numbers a and b, we always have

(A*B)=product of their HCF and LCM

The above result is not true in case of three or more numbers.

Eg:-The HCF of two numbers is 27 and their LCM is 162. If one of the numbers is 54, find the other.

Soln-For two number a and b,we know that

(a*b)=HCF of a,b* LCM of a,b

A=54,HCF=27 and LCM =162



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