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Ratio and Proportion Aptitude Questions and Answers – Methods Shortcut Tricks

Ratio and Proportion Aptitude Questions and Answers - Methods shortcut tricks

Ratio and Proportion Aptitude Questions and

Answers – Methods shortcut tricks

Banking Classes : Takshila Learning focusing mainly on providing online banking coaching to our students as well as online test series for bank po,  mock test papers for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RRB and many other competitive exams. We aim to provide Quality & result oriented  education & guidance to the aspirants for better employment opportunities. You need not worry how to prepare for bank exams, we ensure that you get complete guidance for it.We regularly offer to our aspirant’s different blogs and articles on important topics, news, and information related to banking exams. In this article, the following topic ‘Ratio &Proportion’ from Quantitative Aptitude section is explained.

Ratio and Proportion

Ratio & Proportion is an important topic from Banking exams point of view as 1-2 questions are asked from this topic directly. Further indirect questions which make use of the concept of Ratio & Proportion are also frequently asked. Ratio & Proportion also plays an important role in D.I. based problems which makes this chapter very important for banking aspirants.

Q:1 If A: B = 5: 7

B: C = 3: 4, then what is A: B: C?

(a) 4: 7: 9        (b) 15: 21: 28          (c) 3: 8: 15            (d) 4: 9: 15           (e) None of these


Sol: A: B = 5: 7……..× 3


B: C = 3: 4……..×7        (We will make B equal in both the ratios)

So, A: B = 15: 21

B: C = 21: 28

Therefore, A: B: C = 15: 21: 28

Ans (b)


Q:2 The ratio of two numbers is 5: 4. If their sum is 135, Find the smaller of the two numbers.

(a) 30                  (b) 40                       (c) 55                       (d) 65                  (e) None of these


Sol: Let the two numbers be 5x and 4x.

So, 5x + 4x = 135

9x = 135

So, x = 15

Therefore, smaller number = 4 × 15 = 60

Ans (e)


Q:3An employer reduces the number of his employees in the ratio 9:8 & increases their wages in the ratio 14:15. If the original wage bill was Rs 18,900, Find the ratio in which the wage bill is decreased.

(a) 21:20             (b) 36:41                 (c) 5:8                    (d) 32:37              (e) None of these


Sol: Let the initial no of employees be 9x& the employer gives Rs 14y as a wage to each.

So, 9x × 14y = 18900

So, xy = 150


The new bill is 8x × 15y = 120 xy

= 120 × 150 = 18000

So, the required ratio 18900:18000

= 21:20

Ans (a)


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Q:4 The cost of a piece of stone worth Rs 10,872 fell & broke into 3 pieces, the weights of which are proportional to 1:2:3. The value of each stone is directly proportional to the square of its weight. Find the loss in the value caused by the breakage.

(a) 3624  (b) 4228 (c) 6644  (d) 7510(e) None of these


Sol: Let the initial weight of the stone (before breaking) be 6w

So, Weights of the broken stones are w, 2w & 3w resp.

The initial value of the stone is Rs. 10,872

10,872 α (6w)2

So, 10,872= 36w2k

W2k = 10,872 / 36 ……..1

Total value of the pieces of the stone = (12 + 22 + 32)w2k

= 14w2k

Loss in the value = 36w2k – 14 w2k

= 22w2k

= 22 × 10,872 / 36 ……From 1

= 22 × 302

= 6644

Ans (c)


Q:5 If the income of Amit & Mohit is in the ratio 4:5 & their expenses are in the ratio of   6:7. Find the ratio of their savings, if Amit manages to save one-fourth of his salary.

(a) 4:5    (b) 7:3          (c) 5:8         (d) 3:2                  (e) None of these


Sol: Let the salary of Amit&Mohit be 4x & 5x resp.

&their expenses be 6y & 7y resp.

Savings of Amit = 4x- 6y

Savings of Mohit = 5x- 7y

  1. T. Q

4x- 6y = 4x / 4

3x = 6y

x = 2y


Ratio of their savings: 4(2y) – 6y / 5(2y) – 7y

= 8y – 6y / 10y – 7y

= 2y / 3y

= 2: 3

Ans (e)


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